Newb needs help deciding which Kayak....

Hi. I am extremely anxious to buy a fishing kayak and get started. I have been diligently researching yaks in my price range. I have it norrowed down to these three and I desperately need some help. ANY advice or comments would be MUCH appreciated.

I am 5’11" and weight about 167lbs. Mostly flatwater (Schuykill River near Philly and some large lakes, MAYBE back bay at Jersey Shore)

Thank you in advance!!

The three I am considering are:

The Malibu Mini X fishing/diving (very top of my budget).

The Pelican Castaway:

And (the most affordable) The Crow Wing 1080:

Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond!!

I’d start looking for something like
a used Tarpon 12 or 14, Manta Ray 12/14, Synergy, or one of the Native fishing kayaks. Should be able to find one in the $400 to $600 range if you look around.


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120
Check out the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 or 120…the latest versions have the SlideTrax system. If you are using it to fish you can attach all of your accessories without having to drill any holes in the hull or attach anything permanently…good if you want to lighten the load when using the boat strictly receationally. I have 2 rear rod holders, an anchor trolley and a cleat for the anchor line on my 120. Any of these items can be removed or repositioned in a matter of seconds with a single allen wrench. Additionally, the front and middle hatch covers have been redesigned and are now rigid with hinges and locking latches…a little easier than the traditional rubber ones.

My suggestion
If you have a Gander Mountain near by check them out I just picked up a Perception Pescador 10 the other day for 259 (its just the shell so you have to buy a seat back for it.) After further web study I found out that it is actually the previous years Tarpon 100 by Wilderness. Steal of a deal!

have a Tarpon 140
And it’s really a great boat. The slide trax system is very convenient (2009 models).

Friend of mine just picked up an 08 off craigslist for $500. He sold his synergy to buy the new boat.

I recommend against Pelican
Entry boat with more quality control issues and will not last as long as other moderate brands like Perception, Malibu, Ocean Kayak, etc.

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