newbee kayak suggestion

Hello all,

I am new to kayaking and I would like to know if there are any kayaks available that serves multiple purposes.

I live on the southeast coast of Georgia along the marshes and rivers and ocean. I would like to kayak for fun trips and for fishing.

from what I have read a fishing kayak needs to be more stable but are thoose kayaks also good for longer trips??

Any advise welcome


Where you paddle
Are you talking about paddling offshore or inland on flat water? Those are two different criteria for what you need to be able to handle as well as the boat. Not the same.

I was not planning kayaking/fishing off shore. More in the marsh and rivers.


if you’re fishing
a Sit on Top might be best. There’s no reason you can’t put some miles on in the right sit-on-top.

Similar to bicycle question

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Some spots need a Fat Tire bike

-Wouldn't want to do repeated 100 mile concrete tour
on those tires and that bike geometry.

What is an ultra-stable kayak on the water
simply won't slice nicely and efficiently
for longer distance touring and expeditions.

You may enjoy something like the 18 ft long Cobra Expedition

sit on top
Thanks for the replies, have to do some research in the sit on top ones!!!

I weigh about 175lbs, does that matter choosing a kayak??


There are kayaks that can do multiple things, but they are usually good at none or just one and sub-optimal at the others. But sub-optimal can be fine.

You might want to check out an article in California Kayaker Magazine Spring 2013 issue (#10) on basic types of kayaks. Can be read online for free at

Without knowing more, it does sound like a sit on top kayak may be the way for you to go. They are the preference for fishing, but also do fine for puttering around.

Your weight puts you right in the sweet spot for most kayak manufacturers. Most regular size (not high or low volume) kayaks are likely to fit you decently.

my 2 cents worth …

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....whats the current like in these rivers U plan on going to ? ..general rule of thumb for kayaks...wide boats, say 28" to 30+" ...are slow but stable. As U get narrower with the boats they are faster and less stable. Speed is relative, a experienced paddler in a 28" wide boat could be "faster" than a person in a 24" wide boat. ..most of the sit on tops ( SOT's ) are in the 30" width sized for stability. therefore best for fishing. 1 item U may want to consider is getting a boat with a rudder ( i can hear the groans from the " purists" now). how well a boat maneuvers depends on the skill level of the paddler. I have fished from kayaks 30" wide to 24" wide with no problems.Sit in boats probably have the edge only from a "stay drier" POV. SOT's ..u tend to get wetter in. I use a ruddered Pamlico 135 tandem boat for fishing ( max. cap 300+ pds.) ....extra seat is removed, works for me. I hope this helps.

Buy two boats

any adult size yak will float you fine

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It's when you get over 200 or 225 that you start having to look close at capacity on "standard" size yaks. If fishing is your primary objective and you won't go off shore, 12' - 14' SOT yaks are the sweet spot for having a lot of choices, reasonable cost, ease of transport and okay performance on the water. You really aren't going to get better than okay from a SOT, but they are more useful for fishing. You can stand on many of them. That stability does affect performance. I have a 10' recreational SIK and paddling from the launch to the fishing hole is easier for me than guys in the SOTs, even the somewhat skinny 14' ones. But it's not like I am leaving them way behind or anything; it's just a bit more effort for them. They get their payoff when we stop; those boats are nicer to fish from. The gear is more accessible, some seats have a high position that is more like a chair, you can hang your legs off the side, etc. I like my SIK for other reasons and it is a good choice for me overall, but I will also get a SOT one of these days for fishing.
EDIT TO ADD - a touring kayak or sea kayak would leave me and the SOTs in the briny dust but they are very tricky to fish from. What seems like instability becomes grace with a paddle in your hand and for paddling big open water they are an excellent choice. But if you have a fishing pole in your hand instead of a paddle, you can get dumped in a hurry.