Newbie advice needed for Perception yaks

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a model made exclusively for them by Perception called the Montour.

I am curious if anybody has experience with this model.


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sounds like a updated version of the Carolina. Perhaps check product reviews for a basic idea of the boat. However from the website it sounds as if the contour is a sleeker , perhaps less stable version.

Pretty sure it’s the Montour
I don’t think it’s the Contour.

It’s sold as a “Perception Montour exclusively for Dick’s Sporting Goods”.

The Perception site doesn’t have this kayak listed. (Maybe because it’s an exclusive?)

could be a name change
try the site, and look at the pictures and not the names. Dick’s carries the Old Town Otter Sport, but it is really an OT Rush. take off the back deck rigging and change the decals there it is otter sport (fun little boat I must say). So it could just be a different name. I will take a peak, I am in Dick’s all the time. It is close to my job…so some days it takes 5 min to get home, other it takes 1 1/2 hours (even tho I know they have nothing I need) you know how it goes.


Dick’s Exclusives…

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are sometimes just the same boats you can buy at kayak specialty shop under different names. There are two Perception boats I've seen there that are 'exclusives' - but not really. If the "Montour" is 15 feet, it's a Dagger Charleston 15 with a different name (Dagger and Perception are sister companies). The Dagger version has since been discontinued, but you might be able to find a dealer who still has a few, if that's what floats your boat.

Dick's also carry an 11 foot boat (whose name I can't remember) that's a Dagger Blackwater 115 with a different name - at a super 'sale' price that's pretty much the same as what you'd pay at the local Dagger dealer.

If a kayak company really WERE to design a boat exclusively for any of the big box retailers, it would be a boat that was designed toward the lowest common denominator - which is not a good thing when it comes to an item as individual as a kayak. Check out some of the dealers in your area, and you'll have a better chance of making an informed decision before plunking down the cash on a boat.

…I’ve seen one here locally in the Dick’s in town…15 foot, Drop Skeg instead of Rudder, Bright Yellow, foot pegs, adjustable backrest seat, Bulkheads and Hatches, Deck rigging…Compared to my Carolina 14.5, it’s a Carolina with a Skeg vice Rudder, the Secondary stability should be good empty, better when loaded (Like the Carolina…).

For the price, (850.00), it’s a good boat. Just don’t buy a cheap aluminum paddle from Dick’s when you buy the boat!

This model is just under 12 feet. (11.11)

It’s definitely labeled as a Perception Montour.

It looks a lot like a Dagger Blackwater.

Thanks for the input so far.

Differing sizes?
dunno, Perception makes varying size Carolinas, perhaps the same with the Montour?

that’s because…
…it IS a Blackwater 115 under a different name. Comparison shop between the Dicks and the local Dagger dealer - you’ll likely find the Dagger version of the boat at pretty much the same price at the local dealer. Bigger difference is that they’ll be able to TELL you about the boat, and have a better selection of accessories to sell (the fact that Dicks is so heavily into Carlisle paddles should be your first clue that their camping dept. buyers don’t actually USE a lot of the equipment they’re ordering…)

Dick’s kayak molds

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I am not intimately familiar with rotational molding but I am VERY familiar with injection and blow molding. The kayaks at Dick's, per my empirical observation, appear to be made with older molds that have not been refurbished in some time (can't recall a specific model; just a general thought). There is "flash" (small bits of overhanging residual scrap) on some of the products and there seems to be uneven wall thickness on certain models. I also think some of the molds have not been polished in a while.

Any similar or contrary observations?

Went to Dick’s and I stand corrected; It is the Monarch 15.0 I saw, they DO have the Montour 12.0, The differnce being the Montour is 3 feet shorter, has no forward hatch or bulkhead, and is varigated from orange to yellow…

Price on the Montour in Alabama is 649.00 (Boat displayed outdoors was 649.00…Inside the boat has 699.00)

Price on the 15.0 Monarch is 849.99

So all things considered…
Here in Colorado the Montour is $599 and I’ve heard that they go on sale for $499.

If that’s true and even with the older molds being used, would it be a decent first kayak?

Use intended?
It’s a recreation/light touring boat; with the drop Skeg to help it track straighter, it’s a good Small River, Pond, and Lake boat, it’s likely to be a lot better on moving water up to I+/Low II than the Monarch fer sure…

for the above uses, and the price…you bet.

If you intend whitewater stay away from this boat.

Remember the added costs of Kayaking, the PFD, Pump, sponge, spray skirt etc…and buy the best paddle and PFD your budget will allow.

montour by perception
i to am looking at the montour and it is custom made for dick’s sporting. i was told it is more a knockoff of the sundance 12.0 which is a perception kayak. it has a nice seat with air lumbar support.

Montour 11

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Dick's does indeed have a Montour 11. Whether or not it lives under the Dagger 115 name is a mystery to me.

However, I know, factually, that they do indeed have a Montour 11 because it is in the back of my truck right now after having put a lot of paddle time on it.

This is my first 'yak, and I purchased three more since, but here's what I know by comparison and from my experiences in open lake (very large lake) and flatwater river conditions:

It tracks fairly well. The skeg does a good job of keeping the boat straight, and I can't imagine using this particular boat without the skeg dropped; it isn't maneuverable enough to really make a vast difference when you pull it up; it just reduces the tracking and keeps you from keeping your heading under power strokes.

The slightly narrower design means it isn't uber-stable, but it is plenty stable. I haven't thought it was going to roll out from under me, even in waves that hid me. I'm positive that if you lean over enough, you're going over; so, it is roll-able.

The smaller cockpit opening means that it does a pretty good job of keeping the water that'll break over the bow out of the boat with the addition of a spray skirt, and again, will keep more water out of the boat in normal paddling.

It seems fairly efficient; I can get a pretty good wake going and my running GPS tells me that reaching speeds of 6+ mph are easily attainable, though for how long is entirely up to your conditioning. It cruises easily at 4+mph all day long, and glides well.

I'd classify this boat as a light day-tourer that'll handle a wide variety of conditions. It does as well in the flat, placid waters as it does in choppy, wave ridden waters.

I wish it had some knee pads, a shallow forward dry hatch, and a cup holder though.

If you're just into flat water, it's tough to beat the most recent addition to my fleet, the Pamlico by Wilderness Systems. It is nearly as efficient, a lot roomier, decidedly lighter, and very nicely equipped for $349.