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I'm taking a class in whitewater kayaking now and am sufficiently interested in the sport that I want to get a boat of my own. Basically, I want a boat which is comfortable and predictable so I can get down the river a) without killing myself and b) with a minimum of discomfort and/or embarassment. I'm not looking to do anything fancy at this point. I'd also like to buy a used boat so my wife doesn't gut me when she sees what it costs...:)

From what I've heard so far, I'd love to get a Dagger Mamba 8.5. Other boats in the area include the Dagger Nomad (which I did a roll class in and liked the feel of), a Liquid Logic Hoss and a Wavesport Habitat 80. Any advice y'all experienced hands could give me would be especially appreciated, particularly on the two Dagger boats.


Not a Whitewater Hangout

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Only a small percentage of people who post here regularly do whitewater. A better place for ww advice is forum.

I'm not a regular whitewater paddler but the Mamba seemed fine for a beginner like me. Also the Diesel seemed OK. A lot depends on your height (actually leg length and foot size) and weight. Some of the longer playboat designs that are several years old like the Necky Jive (biased because I own one, but it came highly reccomended) are actually pretty decent all around boats for Class II, III.

Around here the best place to look for a ww boats is craigslist or boatertalk. You can find a good used boat for entry level for $300-$400 dollars, which will keep the wife happy.

more reviews

I did post on boatertalk as well. I wasn’t aware so few whitewater folks hung out here, though.

More lurk here than you might think.
I think your starting choices sound good. Do visit the NOC blogspot and read their reviews, if you haven’t done so already.

I haven’t paddled any of the
boats you mention but from what i have read the Mamba and Diesel are popular and fine down river boats and used somewhat for creeking. I believe the Nomad is also a popular creek boat. These are pretty much high volume boats none of which would i consider as play boats or top “surf” boats as say comparable to a smaller more playful boat. Depending on the size of the paddler and the size of the boat the boats high volume would probably be good for a new paddler and comfortable in going down larger rivers. I suggest you demo and continue with your research. See ya downstream.

Try NEPMB as well
Lots of whitewater talk at the Northeast Paddlers Message Board (NEPMB) Here’s the link.