Newbie and canoe ID?

Hi all! Older gentleman here and just got my first canoe. Given to me yesterday by my landlord. It is pretty solid with no weak area but, a little faded. There is no markings or tag of any kind to identify maker. Canoe is 16’ tip to tip and since I can only post one image for now, thought maybe someone might be able do identify by interior.

Look for what is called the hull identification number (HIN). The HIN is a 12 character code of letters and numbers. It might be etched onto an aluminum plate riveted to the hull, scratched into the hull itself, or written on the hull interior with an indelible marker.

If you find the 12 character HIN the first three characters will be three letters that are the manufacturer’s identification code (MIC). The MIC will allow you to determine the manufacturer. The last four characters may be numbers or a combination of numbers and letters and will determine the date of certification (manufacture).

As I stated, there is no marking or metal plate of any kind anywhere on it to identify maker or otherwise. I did go down and get a cheap set of saw horses and got it up off the ground for the winter. :slight_smile: