Newbie: any places left to kayak in NJ?

Hi everyone. I’m new here - first post! I haven’t gotten a kayak yet - I’ll make a separate post for that. But I’m wondering, at least for now - given the lockdown- is there any place in central NJ I could go kayaking, if I had the equipment? I know the parks are closed, so can’t use public boat launches. Does that mean no opportunities to get out on the water until this crisis is over?

I live in Hunterdon county, and there are lakes/reservoirs nearby, but I know most of them are state parks, and are closed.


NJ along with CT and NY, opened up marinas earlier this week. Are there marinas open in those areas? You might have to pay a parking fee.

Try the question with or their Facebook page

Lots of good local knowledge in that group.

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