Newbie BCU Star Test Questions

I’m hoping to taking my first BCU test (two star)in a couple of months and I’ve got a couple of questions. The first - is taking the one star necessary before I take the two star?

The second - what constitutes evidence of a journey?

I’d also be grateful for any other advice on the subject. Thanks!


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The BCU 1 Star assessment is rarely even offered. It is pretty common to start with 2 Star unless you've never been in a kayak before.

Evidence of a journey seems most anything that shows you have done so. A narrative seems to be enough.

The most detailed information is on the BCU North America site

It is a continuing process. Enjoy and good luck.

they say the 1 star award is for non-English speaking paddlers. Most people skip 1 and go right to 2.

start keeping a lpaddler’s log and document your adventures. I can look back and tell you how many times, who I went with, conditions, issues, swims, etc. of every trip I have done since '87 or so. I log everything, including classes, pool practice, even paddlesport-related things that do not even get wet. I am a pro-paddler so it’s my JOB.


good luck on your asssessment. train hard, test EZ.


guidance really not a test
Many folks it seems had someone like a fourth grade art teacher who made them feel like they had no talent and as a result TEST situations raise anxiety, and lead to a sense of performance orientation.

What is great about BCU (not their exclusive thing of course) is the purpose of these experiences is GUIDANCE for the purpose of your internal ability to accomplish skills in an efficient, safe, and effective manner and in the way that works for your body, boat, and blade. The idea is that confidence should be well founded and as a result in conditions you will find yourself in you will execute skills in an unconscious manner that flows from one skill to another.

This makes paddling safe, easy, and frankly a pure joy. This is what most of us are after out there, the ability to paddle without analyzing what we are doing, to feel at one with nature and each opportunity that presents itself, to be open to experience, unfettered with the idea of darn it, I must not be hoding my paddle correctly, or oh my God I am capsizing, now what?

So, really really take what Flatpick says and experience the so called assessment as just an experience in guidance of your ability, PERIOD, really!