Newbie help for float bags, cockpit cove

So I bought this used 111 and was leaving it on my car when it started to storm - eek - the thing was going to fill with water! So its off the car for now.

Any tips on cockpit covers? Are they mostly the same, will they keep water out when on the car?

Will it stay on while driving from Ohio to Michigan?

Float bags - I looked at these on line. Triangular heavy duty baloons - ok. Do they stay in place? Can you just leave them in? Do I look for specific features?

Any other practical tips?


Tether The Covers

– Last Updated: Aug-18-09 6:53 PM EST –

We tether the cockpit covers on our boats to the deck rigging whenever we're traveling - if they come off, we don't lose 'em...and they do keep 99% of the water out of the cockpit...

If you do get water in your boat
when it is on top of your car, bail it out before you try to unload it. It will weigh a ton and be very hard to handle, and you might damage your boat, your car, and your back.

cockpit covers vary
from company to company. They usually come in two types: urethane coated nylon or neoprene. Neoprene is more expensive. You can find a size list from the manufacturer for each boat. Simply go down the list, find your boat, and get that size.

Concerning floatation bags, none of my boats have had them so I’m not really the one to ask, but some come with a D-ring at the tip that you attach (with line) at the bow or stern inside your boat. No matter how you go about it, the floatation needs to be attached (the last thing you want to see in a capsize is them floating out of your boat!). Their function is to displace water, so you want them firmly attached.

Made my own
Made my own out of an old tarp and some bungie cords. It’s not attractive but it works. I also tie them off to decking in case they fly off.

here is the best one…
…I have found. It’s made by Prijon. Adjustable for cockpit size and it has two straps that go completely around the kayak and have plastic handles, You can actually grab the kayak off the roof via the handles.

unfortunately I can’t find a link, but I’ll keep looking.

I’m sure this is where i…

…got my cockpit cover, but i don’t see it on a search.

Perhaps the Gear Depot?