Newbie Help Please With Trophy 126

Hello all,

I have read here that some have gotten the Trophy 126 at Dicks for $299. I will be getting it next week but am not locked into it. I have one on a rain check and have never owned a Yak before. Have been out on a Yak several times though. The Trophy is 11" deep, is this a problem ? I see many Yaks 14" deep. Are the front and rear wells waterproof ? thinking flotation here. Any help comments about it would be great. If you know of a better Yak for $300 please let me know. I am 6’1" about 180lbs, will fish/recreation mostly calm water, ocassional slow small river.

Thnx for any help/comments/suggestions

Mr. Bones?
I will say upfront that I’ve never seen this kayak in person. Just checking your link I noticed:

a) deceptive model name Trophy 126 - the 126 most commonly denotes 12’6" length. However the stats say it is 126" length. 10’6" actual length of boat. This strange labeling makes me believe the manufacturer is not conversant with kayak design at all. Rather, the boat was designed by the marketing department.

b) double 10" by 18" elliptical storage hatch with rubber covers - sounds like there is a small well under the cover (like with Pelican Ultimate kayak). No mention of bulkheads - means no sealed fore and aft compartments = no flotation.

Your stated use is “fish/recreation mostly calm water, ocassional slow small river.”

Will the boat float - undoubtedly it will. Two rod holders also fit in with your stated use.

However, I would not expect much from this boat in terms of performance. What happens when the calm paddle turns into storm with waves? Not the best choice then.

You did not specify your area in your post, or by submitting a profile. Many on this site could steer you towards local deals.

If $300 is your limit for a boat you may want to look for a used kayak or check local paddling shops for clearance/blemished/or otherwise discounted boats.

If $300 is not your limit - go straight to the local shops - do not pass Dick’s - do not use raincheck.

mushinzencat, Thnx for the great info. I live in Western Mass, {Amherst} $300 is about what I have to spend. I will take your advice and see if the local shops have and used or blemished. Appreciate the help.

Look at the market
and compare other kayaks before you decide… This is what you will do after the purchase should you complain. Like many things…you get what you pay for.

Thanx for the details
Craigslist for Western Mass had these entries on kayaks between $1 and $300:

Have you considered a Sit On Top? Many use them for fishing and recreation. They are virtually unsinkable, many are self bailing (drain holes).

I noticed a 12’ Phoenix kayak listed for $100 includes paddle and car rack (?). Older SOT. might be good place to start.

Also try Craigslist in surrounding areas.

Good Luck,


Thank you georgia_kayaker and mushinzencat. I Sent out emails for the ones on Craigslist, went to a Yak shop in Amherst and they had a Prodigy 10 new for $330, gonna give that some thought and research.

Appreciate the help/time.

Sounds like you are on your way…
to making a sound decision. Perception is a very reputable manufacturer. Would be a better deal than box-store brand for sure. Also used should be a better value for the money.

Hope you budgeted for gear as well.

Uh, oh… Here we go again…

Happy Water Trails,