Newbie help with foot peg

Hi, I’m new to this forum as well as new to sea kayaking. I wonder how many types of foot pegs are there for sea kayaks. Are all the foot pegs adjustable for leg length? I wonder what the difference between “accelerator-pedal (fixed location) style” and the sliding variety style. My understanding is that the “fix location” one can still be adjusted for leg length, so it can be slid away from a fixed position. Please correct me if I understand this wrong.


A few styles

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The sliding type operate like a rope on a pulley. As you push one forward, the other slides back a little. However, the sliding type doesn't offer much support for your feet. Many people prefer to push on the pedals as part of their proper paddling technique. If you push on the sliding type, the pedals move with your feet, so they don't give you strong support.

There are also the accelerator style that tilt forward to control the rudder. They give better support for bracing your feet and move like an accelerator pedal in a car.

Another type are the 2 part toe control pedals. They have a lower pedal that is solid and locked in place, and a small upper pedal that can be pushed with your toes to control the rudder. One of my kayaks uses this type.

There are couple other types of rudder control pedals, but they are rarer, like the butterfly bar type.

All the pedal types can be adjusted for leg length. There are various mechanisms for adjustment, but most modern kayaks seem to use a bar above the pedal that you twist or lift to unlock the pedal. Some older types have a lever on the pedal the you squeeze to unlock the pedal.

More of a factor for a boat with rudder
As above, most of the variations tend to be related to having a rudder because the foot peg is also used to control the rudder.

In skegged boats, there are just foot pegs with a variety of positions available along a rail, but once locked in the peg is not mobile.

FWIW, my earliest experience was with a ruddered boat using traditional footpegs with had a lot of motion available to them to control the rudder. At the end of a half day paddle, my calves and lower back were screwed up from trying to work with “Gumby” foot pegs. When I got my own first sea kayak, which was ruddered, I had them replace the original system with a SmartTrac system before the boat left the dealer’s.

It may be a moot point for you. I would say that the majority of full out sea kayaks designs for several years now are skegged boats. So the odds of your getting a skegged boat with fixed foot pegs are pretty high.

On ruddered boats the rudder position is controlled by your feet, there are various systems and all adjustable for you height with the exception of a few surfskis that are made for a particular inseam range.

Non ruddered boats whether they are skeged or not will have solid pegs to brace against that have a wide range of adjustment again the exception being some small SOTs that have molded in foot bracing.

another alternative
is a footpad, a fixed plane upon which you can brace with your feet without having to hit the pedals.

Thank you!
Thank you very much for your explanations. Now I have a better picture of the different types of foot pegs :slight_smile:

Thank you
Thank you everyone for the explanations. I really appreciate it!