Newbie Here! Help me I.D this Kayak!!!

So I guess I can’t upload a pic but I’ll do my best to describe it.

It’s about 18-19ft long and appears to be a “Greenland” style Kayak…it looks handmade, has a wood frame and some sort of skin…not hard but very durable with a clear coat? It’s totally white in color and could possibly be vintage? Email pics are available. Trying to sell it but I have no idea what I’m dealing with, lol. Any idea as of make or value? Please Help!

Upload the pictures to a photo sharing
site and post a link here.

photo site
It’s on Craig’s list in Chicago. Search Greenland kayak. Don’t know how to photo share

Once you get Inuit, you will see…

It’s an Inuit you’re suggesting??

Is this it

Yes, that is mine. Any ideas or info? Type? Value? Where/how to sell it…

There are others here who know more
about skin on frame kayaks who can speak to value. Have a little patience, they’ll weigh in.

As to type, it’s a skin on frame sea kayak. Anyone who’s interested will know what that means. There is no Serial # tag near the stern? I only ask because you seem unsure of what you got. If it’s made from a kit there won’t be a tag, if it’s commercially sold that’s where the tag would be I think.

If I wanted to sell a boat I’d put it on Craigslist to reach the most people, or here on Pnet if I had something special.

Beyond that, can’t tell much from the picture, other than it’s clearly not “vintage” as it appears brand new.

As a general rule, boats such as that are either built by the owner, or for a specific owner. In either case some cockpit dimensions will be based on the owner’s size.

That will make it a difficult sell I’d think.

How did you come to have it?

Play on words. Inuits invented that type
Of boat. It looks very well built. Do more research looking at ’ skin on frame kayaks’.

I’ll buy it for $1.00

Try asking on the forum at or advertise it on their commercial forum at

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You will have better luck selling it on the traditional qajaq site. I would also suggest trying ti get a shot of the profile of the boat and post measurements of the width at the cockpit from gunwale to gunwale (side to side) which should be between 20" and 23". Also length and width of the cockpit opening.

You might also look at Brian Schulz, the skin on frame kayak builder's site and try to match the proportions to the traditional examples in his gallery there.

Look at his "old site" link and scroll down to the "traditional replica kayaks" section. You might want to embed a link to the site in your ad. Great site with incredible photos and very educational about kayaks and boat building.

He also has wonderful shots of how these are built. Usually the skins are 8 oz nylon ballistic cloth coated with two part polyurethane. They are incredibly tough - there used to be a Youtube video of a guy trying to destroy the skin with the sharp end of a claw hammer but making little progress.

I have a very similar model, a replica of a West Greenland hunting kayak ( the 1935 Sisimuit in Brian 's list). Yours looks like it could be a model called Disco Bay. Also post the weight if you can - I would guess yours to be under 32 pounds, which is a big selling feature. Stand on a bathroom scale holding it and deduct your weight. It would be helpful if you knew what size person it was built for though I am guessing you don't have much info on it.

These are made to order by a few dozen makers but more are made by individuals in home shops or in classes. One of the high schools in my area has a teacher who has his wood shop students build similar models. There are a number of books with instructions on building them, like "Building the Greenland Kayak".

These kayaks cost around $1500 to $2500 to have built by a craftsman or a person can take a class for $1000 to $1500 to build their own (there are shots of such classes on the Cape Falcon site). I bought mine in like new condition for $900 five years ago, have seen them for sale for as low as $400 ( about the cost of materials). They have a narrow market, you have to dial in to the people who love traditional kayaks.

By the way, if you have not used this boat, you should try it. They are very fast and track beautifully. They do need flotation bags front and rear since there are no bulkheads. That looks like what is called an ocean cockpit, smaller than standard kayaks, requires sliding your legs in straight from the back deck. They are usually paddled using a traditional Greenland stick paddle.


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Somebody has a similar one for sale on here:

Since the maker of that one (Superior) is in your region maybe it is one of his.