Newbie Here Seeking 1st Boat Advice

Hello all. I’m as novice as novice gets when it comes to paddling, but I’ve made the decision to make the plunge.

I’ve decided I want a SOT with some fishing amenities, and have been researching like crazy to see what’s what. I found a Hurricane Skimmer 140 Angler with rudder a guy is selling with a cart, Werner paddle, and PFD for $750. From what I can tell the boat looks brand new, though he said he thought it was a 2011. From what I’ve been able to tell from my research it doesn’t look like this kayak has been in production that long. I really like the light weight of the Hurricanes, though I haven’t ruled out a Tarpon (amongst a few others).

I’m 49, 5’-9", about 195, and will use the yak primarily on rivers with a flat current ranging from nearly stagnant up to perhaps 4 knots (springtime).

So does this kayak seem as good a deal as it looks? What kinds of things should I look for to make sure it isn’t damaged goods?

Is this boat something a beginner can learn on and grow with? I’ve read repeatedly that new kayakers lament having purchased a beginner rec boat and then find themselves very quickly buying another ‘step-up’ boat. I’d like to avoid this if possible, but I don’t want something that is too difficult to learn on either.

I’d also welcome anyone’s thoughts on any other boat they think would be a good fit.

Looks ok
Please understand that I haven’t paddled that particular model. The deal looks reasonable.

As far as BAS - boat acquisition syndrome - I’m afraid there is no way to avoid it. Get a rec boat and you’ll want an upgrade. Get a long boat and you’ll want a shorter one. Get a short one and you’ll want a longer one. Get blue, you’ll want orange. Etc. So forth. It can’t be helped.

There are two canoes, a raft, and five kayaks on my property right now, and I’m placong an order for another kayak later this week once a color issue is sorted out.

Your logic is fine for warm water and slow rivers. If you want to bring a dog, a friend, or sleep overnight a canoe would be better. Same with faster water.

yak fishing
PPINE has a good point. I have never fished from a kayak. I chose a canoe as an all around craft incase I do camping from it and extra passenger. Another reason was getting in and out of a kayak in cold weather. I don’t get my feet wet with a canoe. I figured you would have to step in water to get on a yak.? As far as wanting another water craft, You Can’t have enough. I got a canoe 12 years ago and then a solo canoe and then a better 2 seater, and now I want a wooden canoe and I want to build a wooden kayak… It doesn’t stop. Sounds like a good deal with this kayak what little I know about them, Weight is always a concern.

I would jump on it but I already have 3

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Hurricane Skimmer is a good fishing kayak. It is reasonably stable and tracks well. It is also lighter than most similar size fishing kayaks. At $750 it looks like a real good deal as long as there is nothing structurally wrong with it. If you got a new one with rudder, paddle and cart, you would be looking at an MSRP of about $1,500.