Newbie kayaker!

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Hey everyone,

I just ordered my first kayak and I cannot wait to try it out! I ordered from a company called Crow Wing Kayaks. I was surprised that they are not under your manufacturer's list in the 'Product Reviews' portion of this website. I chose CWK for a kayak because I've heard nothing but great things about them, and they're somewhat internationally known (I know I've found them for sale as far as the United Kingdom), and their designs appeal to me more than most kayaks do. I wanted something that wasn't tippy like a conventional kayak, and not something big like a canoe or small boat. I think CWK was a great choice. I'll be sure to post in here again once I get to testing my kayak.

The main reason why I wanted a kayak was because I own a few acres on a small lake. I felt a typical canoe was too heavy to lug through the woods and brush, and that a pedal boat or inflatable would just be a waste of time and money.

When I get the chance I'd like to try doing some kayaking in some small rivers and streams around our area. I think it looks like a fun thing to do, plus I like to do digital photography and a kayak would be quite useful in that area.

While I'm here, I've got a few questions:
--- Is there a place I can go to see if a specific river or lake has a dam on it, either via maps or written information?
--- Is there a type of bike attachment/trailer for pulling a kayak with your mountain bike?
--- Any other tips/advice/cool kayak things I should be aware of?

Thank you!


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tips/advice - keep reading this site, and use the search archives in the message boards when you have specific questions.

Dams? How about a map?


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"I chose Crow Wing Kayaks for a kayak because I've heard nothing but good things about them, they're nationally known, and their designs appeal to me more than most kayaks do."

Where have you heard these "good things"? I've never heard of them. Why do their designs appeal to you?

The tone of the posting sounds like a marketing attempt. If it isn't, enjoy the boat.

Anyway, dams on lakes won't be a problem. Just keep away from them. The problem with dams on rives is that they are often low head dams and there may not be a reliable database for their location. In this case, it's best to scout the river or consult a trustworthy local source.

Looks like a bath tub !!

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I think you may be right about the marketing. No profile on show.

Wait till greyak sees the specification !!

I looked at the site. Didn’t see any
kayaks. If the boat works for you, good deal.

nice try
Nice try. But welcome to the sight.

This is definitely a “first time kayak” kayak.

If you are legit, I suspect in a couple of years you will be looking to upgrade.

You won’t sell that to experienced kayakers.

I’m gonna sell my Chatham 18
and get me a Crow Wing Kayak today!

Give the guy a break
He is happy with his decision, not everybody has the same goals or taste.

I’m not certain what that thing is. Boat? Kayak? Canoe? Bathtub?

I did see a couple similar boats in San Diego near the SW Kayak Symposium. They look stable and light and totally non-traditional.

But then, is we all ad the same tastes, there’d be only one boat design for sale.

My one rule that I NEVER change is this:

“Never buy more boat that you can load on the roof of your car at the end of a long paddling day!”

Every other rule I ever heard or made has gone away… save this one.

The problem

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I don't care what boat people use or like.

It's a really strange post. No normal "newbie" kayaker would write like that! To me, it looks like the person is shilling for the brand.

What are your guys’ problems, anyway???

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OOH, Lady-dah, I own a fancy-shamsy carbon sea kayak, This Crow Wing is inferior in contrast!! I'm sooo open-minded!!

Seriously, grow up. You guys act like children. You guys are in your own little world thinking that your an "Elite" kayaker because of your boat. Be more open-minded and get back to reality!! I've paddled an Old Town otter, I've Paddled a Current Designs Caribou. I dont think of the Caribou as better, just higher-end, or in a different class of kayaks. The Crow wing is not designed as a Sea kayak. it has its benifits too. Its a good fishing boat, and a good value. So why you got to bash somebody with a diferent style of boat??

I paddle a different style boat than the crow-wing, but I still think of crow-wing as a surperier product.

Dont listen to them KayakNM, They just not open minded at all

Congrats! Don’t mind the peanut gallery
Sometimes they can be real supportive and sometimes real rude.

Umm… thanks for the "welcome"
Well, I guess the replies in this thread didn’t turn out exactly how I thought they would. No, I’m not marketing that brand or ‘shilling’. The only reason why I posted the brand name/link was because I didn’t think very many people here had heard of this brand/type of kayak before. I thought so namely because I didn’t find it when I tried looking for reviews on the brand on the website. Just for the record, I’m a 19 year old college student that works at a big-box retail corporation. Sorry, I didn’t know posting brand names and links was frowned upon so much. Since it’s obviously such a big issue, I’ve removed such things from my original post; hopefully we’re on the same level now.

@njkayaker: I’ve read a lot of good things about them on other forums, which I found by Google-searching. I like the design mainly because of the flat bottom and the open sitting area. I know it’s not a traditional kayak design but that’s why I like it, it looks like something that would also be great for doing some fishing. I can’t wait to try it out.

@Pamlico: Thank you for being understanding and not bashing me for being new to this place, as well as kayaking.

What you have is more a fishing platform than a kayak or canoe, so you should definately look around for kayak fishing sites. The basic safety stuff will apply - learn to re-enter in a capsize, wear a PFD and appropriate clothing (no cotton) and be ready to hanbdle emergencies like getting caught out in a storm or signal for help. But a lot of the gear and skills for say sea kayaking or canoeing aren’t going to apply in this kind of craft. You sure aren’t going to be rolling it, and a lot of gear that people have is set up to handle more of a variety of paddling environments such as ocean waves or strong current. This craft should not be in either of those locations.

The one kinda odd thing about your original post was the statement that a canoe would be too heavy to carry into where you wanted to go. In fact a lightweight, like kevlar, canoe on a yoke would probably be a lot easier to get in than it’ll be to tow this in behind a bike, but I am guessing that the 4 digit price tag fpr one of then was not in your pocket.

Posting Links is Very Good…
What made it sound like a shill was…

“I chose C*** W*** Kayaks for a kayak because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, they’re nationally known, and their designs appeal to me more than most kayaks do.”

When most of us had never heard of them. Try it and please let us know how it works for you. Congrats.

You did nothing wrong in your original

I hope that the hard cases didn’t give you a bad impression of this board. Usually it’s a nice place to visit. Sometimes they’re feeling either supreme or indignant and behave like real jerks.

How does a “normal” newbie kayaker write

Georgiakayaker, thanks for removing
your very rude post.

I hope the new poster
really enjoys his new purchase. I was one of those in the minority, who purchased my first kayak before ever stepping foot in one. I did alot of online research based on what my intended uses were at the time, the size of the vessel and such and would recommend the one I chose to other newbies in a heartbeat (a Dagger Blackwater for the record). While I’m finding I’m quickly advancing beyond it and want a little more out of my next boat, I still think its a great boat to have in my eventual fleet to offer to the first time kayaker for use. So paddle on!

Welcome Dude
I hope you have a lot of fun in your new boat and learn a lot on this site!