Newbie Looking for advice

I’m looking at new canoe for fishing purposes only and was wonder what would be the best canoe for my needs. I found closeout Old Town Discovery Sport 15 and a 17 foot and trying to decide what would be best. I have bought a new 2 Stroke 5 hp Mercury to put on the canoe so I just need the canoe. I fish in Canada near Thompson I currently carry a boat to the lake and was thinking of adding a canoe to the fleet so I can Take all my nephews fishing up there. So I want the most stable canoe so my newphews and brother feels comfortable in the canoe. We do portage now and then but I would have 5 people to carry, so weigth is not a real issue YET.

If the canoe works fine I might get a ligther one in time, but for now I want people to get comfortable in them because we are generaly in a boat and I don’t know if they will like a canoe. I myself don’t know what to expect so I want the best experance right away. I may use the canoe localy because I have a river in my back yard. I was thinking a 17 foot canoe maybe be hard to handle in rivers around here because of the length.

So my real question is, 15 or 17 foot and is the inch deeper and wider in the beam worth going to the 17 foot? I have read the reviews in on this website and seems like people favor the 17 foot Old Town Discovery Sport. If the canoe works Fine I plan on adding a Esquif Heron or a Wenonah Bluegill and then maybe get rid of 15 foot Lund. There are many times I can only get to certain lakes because roads are so muddy and none of the lakes I fish have a boat landing so it would work better to be able to carry a canoe in.

Thanks for any advice I recieve.

Go for length
I have a 16 foot canoe and wish I had gone to a 17 foot - and that is with 2 guys fishing. Get the longest, widest you can - because you are not after speed but are after stability. Leaning over to net a big fish can get dangerous and in the heat of battle you tend to forget you are in a canoe! We fish with both guys having a long handled net - that way we each net the others fish, and we both have stringers for them - that way we are not leaning or passing slippery fish back and forth. With my 16 foot and 36 witdth - it is just on the cusp of being stable and being unstable - and extra few inches would make a world of difference. Mine is 52 lb poly canoe which for the two of us is fine - no need for lighter as we can still portage when needed. Lighter would be nice but too costly for just fishing. I am happy with cheaper, as long as it does not “oil-can”. Have had two seasons of comfortable fishing (now that I have conoe backrests attached), got some scratches from rocks that come up and grab hold, but the canoe looks and feels like a fishing machine - which it is. Remember - longer and wider is better - oh, and no keel if you can - that way you can turn on a dime in a river.

Tight lines.

Old Town Discovery Sport

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Do you feel the Old Town Discovery Sport is the right choice for my need's or is there another brand or model that would work better.

I found a new close out Discovery Sport 17 for 799.00 ia that a good price?

Go for the sport 17
Yep, That is the way to go - I looked on the net and you should be able to pick that 17 (actually 16ft9in) for 750. Unless it is in EXCEPTIONAL condition. And remeber - hull scratches are normal as long as they are not too deep. I’ve got a beaut near the front that is a bit deep but I filled it with epoxy and buffed it out (used my wife’s nail polish - close match in color - to color it in) You can barely tell it has a gouge (thanks to a deadfall with a a rock hard tip).

That sport looks fine - you’ll love it. Then rig up a fish locator on it and you are away at the races! Have fun.

Don’t know where your are located
but check these out:

Ozark River Canoes is a good place to deal with.

Based on your info
I’d say go with the 17.

Please reconsider the motor though. I take every opportunity like this that comes along to ask my paddling/fishing brethren to reconsider their 2-strokes. No matter what they do to improve them, 2-strokes are only 70 percent effficient. They dump fuel via the exhaust so an underwater exhaust is spewing out fuel into the water. 1/3 of every gallon roughly.

Electric trolling motors are great. 4-strokes are expensive but getting smaller and lighter every day.

Good luck with your choice and see you out there!

Duck boat verus canoe

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I will be getting a Yamaha 4 stroke shortly.
I do have another? Would a duck boat with a 32" or 36" bottom be more stable? The surface area of canoe at it's widest point is 41" a duck is 32" or 36" the full length.

Well I bought the Old town discovery for 799.00, if it don't work out I will sell it.
My brother seems to think it will not be stable enought for fishing, but I figure it can't be any worse then his 1232 Crestliner duck boat.

If this canoe works out well I just might buy a ESQUIF Heron or a Wenonah Blugil.