Newbie needing advice

I was wondering if anybody has any good websites that would help me with my paddling. My husband and I inherited his late grandfather’s 17’6" Bluewater. It seems like a nice canoe to me, but I have never been canoeing besides these last two times with him. We live on the Snake River in East Central MN. We are planning a Nov. 5th trip down the St. Croix, in the Taylors Falls area with my uncle and I want to make sure that I am prepared for what this might through at me. Thanks for the help!

Did you mean other than here…
check out the guidelines section by clicking the tab on the right side of the screen, or use this link.

Hope this helps some,

-MEAT Guidelines
Have you fully explored the website? On the left side of the screen click the Guidelines button. That should get you started.

I did not notice that, thanks for pointing it out!! I have just started this search and came across this website and noticed the discussion boards and gave it a try. Thanks!!

You can go to the top righthand corner of this page where it says “All Catagories”. Click the “v” and you will be able to select from the specific catagories and maybe find stuff you are looking for a little easier.

Another site that might be of interest is Canadian Canoe Routes

It sounds like you are at the start of what can be a long pleasant journey. I’ve been on one like it for better than ten years and I keep learning things here, at other sites and mainly on the water in my boats.

Take it all with a grain of salt but mostly, Enjoy!


Another suggestion:
If you ask specific questions, perhaps some of us can help you out.

For anyone here to help you from scratch, it would be like writing a book.

Without knowing anything about that River, is it white water, or flat water?

If it is more than class I, I strongly advise you not to do it without some more paddling experience than you have.

Many new paddlers end up finding themselves, sideways, backwards and wrong side up just in class I.



when in doubt

Good book
if you like books, here’s “paddle your own canoe” is a good one:

The ACA is a good resource:

American Whitewater is a great source for river information:

If you’re concerned
Spend a day playing in the canoe.

First thing I’d suggest is dump and learn self rescue. Do it within swimming distance from shore. Heck, do it in a measly 6 feet of water.

you are on the best place for advice. We are at all levels of experience, and anyone of us is egar to talk to you about your questions and concerns.

And remeber to twist when you paddle. Use your trunk to move, not your arms.


Thank you all!
All this information is very helpful! Of course, thanks to the Minnesota weather, we haven’t been able to get out as much as we wanted to. I have now been in a canoe a whole, 3 times! :slight_smile: I have also learned the hard way to use my whole upper body (had to take some time to let the muscles relax). The Snake River here doesn’t have any rapids, so I think I lucked out :slight_smile: And on Nov. 5th when we go to the St. Croix, I told my husband we are staying on the nice part… he agreed since I am so new to this. I have been spending time exploring this website more, and am sure glad that I found such a helpful place! Thank you all again!!