Newbie needing lessons

So…Very new to kayaking. I admit that I fell in Love :heart_eyes: instantly! Truth. I bought a Jackson 2fun kayak with skirt. Happy feet and seat as well. I admit that I did not try out several other kayaks, This was used, but amazing. And it fits me well. I felt safe and sound. Used btw. So living in Westminster, CO I need to find a teacher. Problem is… cannot find a teacher. I bought this kayak because I miss the water and with Covid it is hard to get out into the Great Outdoors as we are encouraged by Governor Polis to. Any advice for training. Marna

If I were you I’d be joining, or at least contacting, a local paddling club. There is very likely a decent instructor among the membership - and to get started you don’t need an instructor who is a member of the Olympic team or anything. If you don’t know of any local clubs, try inquiring at a paddling shop , if there is one nearby. If there’s no paddle specific shop try an REI or major sporting goods outlet. There should be someone there who can put you in touch with a club and/or instructor in your area.

Good luck to you and welcome on board! Keep the wet side down.

The wet side will always be down…HMMMM

Oh, I can recall a few occasions where I found myself looking up at green water. Always was accompanied by the feeling that something or other had just gone terribly wrong… :wink: (Came close just a couple hours ago, come to think of it.) The trick is to hit the surface laughing and keep smiling while picking up the pieces. Happens to everyone eventually. Its part of the fun. Hopefully its instructive. That’s why we wear PFDs.