Newbie needs a lil' help..

Ok guys…

Here’s the deal… I have been white water rafting a ton of times and love it… I have been canoeing since I was a kid, well a buddy of mine and I are thinking about getting some kayak’s to take down some of the local rivers…

I have no idea where to even start with a boat…

I’d like to accomplish the following…

a.) +/- $500 for the boat

b.) ablility to use in small calm rivers, light white water (natahala river) and maybe some large open river type stuff…

Now, here’s the other kicker… I am 6’3" and 250lbs so I need a boat that I will be comfortable in…

I guess what I’m loooking for is a decent all around boat…

Can anyone make any suggestions?

Thanks alot!



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Check out the What's wrong with a rec. kayak thread. I just told them how much I like my Hurricane Santee, which is ~800 these days, I think. I'm not very big though, 5'8" and ~150 but I can get out of it upsidedown in less than 3 seconds.

Look at a Liquidlogic Pisgah

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Some videos on the right side shows a bit of everything. It's probably big enough (volume too) for you. I have one and love it. I'm 5'10" 190, plenty of room left.

hmmm, don't know why they show a sit on top boat on the top of the page though....

Also check out Wes Boyd’s site for
big paddlers.



What does the Pisgah run as far as cost?

Just found a price on the Pisgah… A little more than I’m looking to spend… Almost twice as much…

I can’t commit to a boat of that price as I do not know yet if I will be 100% into this after a year… :slight_smile:

I just looked at the classifieds for AL
and didn’t find a rec boat, but found a CD Storm which is a good touring boat for larger people, for $575 (close to your price). Also saw a Torrent for $300. Whitewater paddlers that I know LOVE the Torrent. Not good for flatwater though.

For a rec boat under $500, I think you’ll almost have to go with used to get anything decent. Just my opinion, I know someone will tell me if I am wrong.


Perception Stikine…
It’s a very roomy whitewater river runner. Discontinued but you can find them used for 500 or less, 2 on this site. You could also check at or NOC.

Check with… and prowl around–it takes

some doing–to find the discontinued and used boat section.

A Prijon Chopper just might fit your bill.

YOu can get some good deals on that page, but there is still shipping.

If you can’t find the page, send some email to


Pisgah retails for $900
I bought a '05 model on this winter for $660 out the door though.