Newbie needs advice!

Ok, I’m not entirely new to kayaking. I’ve been using an Ocean Kayak Frenzy for about two years. I really need your advice on buying a new sit-on-top kayak. I need one that meets this criteria:

-Stability. I am a paraplegic and am a poor swimmer (I wear a floatation device, of course). I would like the most stably kayak possible.

-Tracking. I would like one that tracks reasonably well.

-Distance. When I go kayaking, I like to stay out for hours and hours, sometimes all day.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

Good For You!
I don’t know Sit On Tops (SOTs) well but the Frenzy is a short boat relative to other SOT options out there. Longer and straigher keel (bottom middle line) will give more tracking and speed.

I am sure the SOT folks will jump in and give you better suggestions.


Check out
Ocean Kayak’s Prowler, sounds like it might fill your needs, more stable than a Scupper-Pro and faster than a Frenzy (isn’t everything?)

Go to the SOT web site
at and post your question on the Forums there. I’d suggest posting on both the “Beginner Questions/Answer” forum and/or the “Kayaking for the Disabled” forum.

I agree with okole on the Scrambler recommendation. Cobra makes several boats that you could look at: Tourer, Navigator, and Maurader. And you might want to give the Heritage Marquesa 14 a look see.

Good Luck!

don’t track particularly well, in my experience. Prowler would be better, or even the Caper (nice and stable).

I sort of liked the Emotion kayaks, too. Take a look at the Exhilarator. Just a thought.


Robert, you described a Wilderness

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Systems Tarpon 160.Very stable, tracks well, has good speed for a SOT. It is 16' long and weighs around 65#.I have owned one for several years and it is my go to boat for salt or rough water. I wish WS would offer it in composite.
Also, I have not paddled or even seen one, but Current Design now has the Kestral. It is 14' and composite material.

Don’t bother
with the new CD boat. I paddled one at the WCSKS. Thought it would be just what I was looking for, it wasn’t. Very uncomfortable seat, not real stable ( it is a SINK hull ) which would require a paddle float for re-entry. All in all very disappointing for me at least.

Was that the Kestrel 140 SOT ? Here is their specs. Can’t find out what it is made with but at 36 lbs. don’t think it is plastic.

14’0" 26" 36 lbs Swede Form Shallow “V”