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Just retired florida couple & we want a sq back canoe for 2 for FL rivers, streams, to paddle/putz along. Seeking advice on brand, length, need light weight. Hope to find a used one, thanks

Light square stern canoe
The Wenonah Backwater is the lightest square stern. Its 52# in Ultra-lite Kevlar. Next is the Meyers Sportspal 13foot at 57#. The least expensive well made square stern is the Old Town Discovery Sport, but it weighs 105#.

The Wenonah Backwater is made is several lay-ups that get less expensive as they get heavier. But if light weight is important, then it is an easy choice.


take a look at electric motors…y/n?

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You don't need a squareback! A regular tandem model with the added removeable motor mount should fit both gunwales(I think) and provide the footing for the motor. Originally made for the small gas have the choice. I've never used/ridden first-hand...sooo. Mount board for an electric will be guess.

Used Florida squarback canoes

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Mohawk canoes used to be made in Longwood FL. There are many of these on Craigslist. Even some square back ones. They are not the lightest but not the most heavy either. As was stated above a motor mount on a regular canoe is a good idea. If you wish to do this then a used Mohawk brand Blazer model would be the best in the usability / price point area for inexpensive canoes. Classfive is making the Mohawk canoes now. The
FRONTIERSMAN 16' 2" is good for new.

A little heavier but can still be bought new is the Indian River canoes built in Florida. Just a little heavier than the Mohawks.

The lighter you go the more cash you will spend. Stay away from poly canoes with metal pipes down the center if you can. If you are going to paddle at all look for decent paddles. Bending Branches and Grey owl come to mind but there are many others. A decent paddle can make an OK canoe a whole lot better. So if you can splurge in one area get good wood padels.

If you want to just use the motor a Gheenoe on a trailer is the best to get in most places a canoe can.

As for leanght 16 foot seems to work good.

Yes I live in Florida and these are the best options I see when on the water for inexpensive canoes in Florida that are easy to get.

If money was no object from my experience I would get a Northstar Polaris in Black light layup with a clamp on motor mount.


Gheenoe is the Florida motorized canoe. The hull trailers.

no lifting. But use the emergency brake on ramps n snow tires.

light weight square back inJacksonville