Newbie questions about QCC 500 vs 700

I am a newbie to kayaking. I have rented a few rec kayaks and have really enjoyed getting out on the water. I talked my friend into getting a kayak with me, and have been looking at QCC kayaks. We found a QCC 500 for him today and I brought it home and put it in a small pond to see what it felt like. It was a little more tippy feeling than I thought it would be, but only for a couple degrees until it felt really solid. I did not feel like I would roll completely over at any time. What I want to know is how close the initial and secondary stability of the 700 is to the 500. I just dont want to get in over my head on the 700 in terms of stability. Can anyone compare the 2 that has paddled both? I would love to test paddle a 700 to compare, but don’t want to drive to Wisconsin to do it as I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks in advance for any input.

I have owned both for some years.
With time you will become confident with either one.

But the 500 is more forgiving than the 700. The 700 does not have as much initial or secondary stability as the 500. But you are comparing a 21in. wide hull to a 23in.wide hull. Big difference. I have been in some conditions in the 700 where if I wasn’t moving forward I did feel a little nervous. Yet in the same conditions in the 500 I had no worries. Do yourself a favor Gmhorse and don’t overlook the 500. Of the 7 kayaks I own I put the most miles on the 500.

QCC 700 --> Small Cockpit!
That 700 has a deck height of only 12", and was not designed for a big person, 225 lbs. I had a QCC 700 for one season. I sold it. I felt like a sardine in a can. Fast boat, but way too small in the cockpit for me. I now paddle a Current Designs, Titan Low Volume, Nice big cockpit, great boat for Lake Superior camping on the Apostle Islands. The 700 might work for you, depends on your size.

Call up Steve from QCC
He should be able to put yopu in touch with someone in your area that will let you try their 700.

With that said: “tippiness” is the paddler, not the kayak!



you should be fine with the 700
A QCC 700x was my first kayak, I had never paddled a kayak before, and it worked just fine. Tipped it twice the first day, and never after that. They are quite stable. I have put other new paddlers into it, and never had any dump. Get the big one, and grow into it I say. They are very fast. I use mine for racing, and love it. Nearly 10 years old now with no probs.

Not only is the 700x an oustanding
boat, it fits me very well and I am 6’3" 240lbs. I cannot compare the stability of the two, but I can tell you that it in the general scheme of things (most sea kayaks its size) it is a stable boat. Bill

pick the boat according to use
the reason the 600 and 700 are shaped the way they are is to go FAST, if you aren’t going FAST you might be getting a hull you don’t need. In another vein the 500 is BIG, if you are closer to 175lbs than 250lbs you might be better off with a 400. The 400 is perfect for a 200lb paddler. Getting too big of a kayak is like getting too big of a bicycle or pair of pants, the size isn’t getting you anything. Getting a kayak designed for speed if you aren’t going fast isn’t getting you anything.

Initially the 700 will seem tippy
After you learn to relax you will wonder what you were worrying about. Jackl is right. Boats don’t capsize. People capsize boats. The 500 will seem like a barge once you get used to the 700 and going fast is not the only reason to get a 700.

Are you sure you mean “400” ?


400 vs 700

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LeeG has a point - if your goal isn't to go fast, the 400 is probably a better choice. It's wetted surface area is 20.6 square feet, versus 24.2 square feet on the 700 (15% less). This means that it paddles easier at low speeds - if you tend to noodle along at 3 knots like me, the 400 would be better as it will let you go a bit faster at low speeds for the same power input. It does have a higher deck so will be more affected by the wind (but more comfortable on old knees).

If you like to go fast, or at least get along at a good clip for fitness purposes, the 700 would be much better. The extra water line length (17.5 ft vs. 14.5 ft) will allow you to go faster for the same effort, with a higher top-end speed.

The trade-off point between fast and slow is not well-defined, though, so you have to finesse the decision somewhat. QCC will take a boat back within 30 days with no question, so I guess you could try them both and send back the one you don't want - that seems a little evil, however.

PS - you might try posting a request to test-paddle a 700 in Florida. QCC owners are pretty boat-proud and someone may be able to help you out.

everyone likes going fast
I never met a paddler that wanted to go as slow as possible.

If slowness is what you want, a fiberglass bathtub may be had for a couple hundred bucks. Otherwise, get the 700.

I have one you can try…
if you find yourself coming to central Florida for any reason. It’s the 700x in carbon/kevlar.

I’m about 2.5 hrs away from Jax, in Leesburg.

If you’re interested, e-mail me.


And while your there, have Tom
lead you on one of his fabulous trips !



What feels “a little” tippy to you now will feel boring after paddling it regularly for a season. If you are going to paddle a lot, buy something you will grow into.

The 500 is a cavernous boat, great for camping when you want to bring everything you own with you. The 700 is still big inside by my standards, but offers much better performance. The 500 is a really nice barge. A 700 is a fast boat that you could grow into and love.

Thanks for al the replies
Thank you guys for all the replies. I think you have talked me into getting a 700. I am 6’ 1" and 200 pounds. I do like to paddle fast, but am just learning the kayak thing. I for sure don’t want a boat that I will outgrow, and tend to learn new things quickly and like to push the limits. Sounds like the 700 might be my ticket and yet still offer enough room for gear on some overnight trips.

I do appreciate all the input, and will just blame you guys if I tip it the first day :slight_smile:

you will love it
You are the same height/weight as me, and it fits me well. Even after all the years I still don’t feel I have outgrown it. It kind of sucks spending a couple grand on a boat, and then buying the one you “really” want the next year anyway.

I own both a 500 and a 700
You are most welcomed to come compare the two on the Loxahatchee River, which is 2 miles from my home in Jupiter, FL. I agree with other’s comparison of the two boats. Both are fast with large amounts of storage…the 500 is a turbo freighter and the 700 is a fun to paddle touring Lamborghini.

My new 700 is due to arrive
in a couple of weeks.

I am eagerly looking forward to the new colors I picked, and paddling the hell out of it.

I only wished they made one a inch and a half narrower, so I could be competative with the Westside EFT’s



I hear ya Jack
wish they made the 700x narrower, and wouldn’t mind a longer version too…19" wide by 20’ long would be great for adventure races/ mr340/ TWS type stuff.