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Hello, I’m new to kayaking. I was able to try some kayaks at a local kayak and canoe store. I liked the Kestrel 120 HV and the Necky Rip. I thought that the Rip was less “tippy” and had good tracking and was easy for me to paddle. I believe the Kestrel has a softer chine which may be why it felt slightly more “tippy” at first. It is also narrower. Anyhow, the Rip is 1 1/2 feet shorter than the Kestrel I tried, so I was surprised the Rip seemed easier to paddle and tracked straighter for me. I can’t afford an expensive kayak right now. In fact, I need to get two because my husband wants one also, but he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was so desperate to get a Kayak that I almost bought a $200 kayak at Dick’s Sporting Goods. My husband is 6’5" and he has long legs, but he actually fits well in the Rip. I was able to find one for $420, which I thought was a really good price. Problem is, they only have one. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding other kayaks that would be good around the same price? I plan to use the kayak in slow moving rivers and canals. I will have to deal with wind, wakes created from boats (though I plan to kayak mostly in no wake zones) and no to slow currents. I don’t plan on doing any rapids, maybe class 1. I prefer sit in kayaks and nothing too heavy or wide, at least 10’ long. I realize that the Rip isn’t exactly a top of the line kayak, but it felt comfortable for me and seemed to be ok for what I plan to do. I plan to get a really nice kayak someday after I save some money, learn the basics, learn about the different styles, and try several different kayaks at area demo days.

for a guy who is 6’ 5" I would recommend at least a 12’ kayak. Preferences for kayaks really vary from person to person. Let him find one that he likes. Good deals can be found on demo and 2nd hand kayaks.- many with only minor scratches on the bottom which will be the case with a new one after a few outings.

Check out used?
What area are you in? I am wondering if you could pick up a beater used kayak with attendant paddle, that kind of thing, just to get you on the water. If you are looking askance at the price of a kayak, you really need to think about the cost of the paddle and PFD to go with it. And other stuff as you go along.

I am thinking that if you are in an area that has kayak rentals, you would be best off now to wait until they are selling off their rental fleet in September. In the meantime try to hook up with guided tours, or spend the money on a lesson in basics, to help you land on the best first choice you can get.

Newbie Questions
I’m in the Western NY area. I considered used kayaks, but the ones I’m interested in are still more expensive. I will keep looking. I have kayak racks for my escape and pfd’s, just need paddles. I’m not sure if my hubby would be satisfied with something like a Pamlico 120 or not. There are a couple of places around Rochester where you can try the Kayaks. I will check often to see if I can find any deals on used kayaks.

here’s one
Are you near Syracuse? Here’s one for $350 that could be just the ticket for you.

specs on the Craigslist boat
Here’s the manufacturers specs on that used kayak for sale on the Syracuse Craigslist.

It’s fairly light for a plastic boat and sized for a small to medium person. Also, 1t 14’ x 24" and hard chined, a boat you won’t readily outgrow as your skills improve. Could be a nice starter boat for you. Also one you should easily be able to sell if you decide to “upgrade”

Newbie Questions
Hello willowleaf,

Thanks for the suggestion. I live closer to Buffalo, but it may be worth a phone call. Maybe something can be worked out.

Newbie Questions

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Well, I just called about the kayak. Looks like someone else is already interested. He will call me back if it doesn't get sold though. I should have checked earlier this morning. Oh well.

If your husband weighs over 200 lbs,
even a 12 boat may not be adequate. Adequate meaning paddling the boat will be a chore because it will sit so low in the water.The Kestral HV might do.

Newbie Questions
My husband is thin. At 6’5" he only weighs about 190. I don’t think weight will be too much of an issue.