newbie searching for ohio paddlers

Searching for friend(s) in ohio to go whitewater paddling with. I’ve never been in whitewater before and just learned to roll. acquired most of the gear I need… just need a crew and some guidance. you can email for quicker response.

located in dover ohio. Willing to drive anywhere!!

check out some clubs

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North of you is where you'll find keelhaulers paddling club (cleveland). To your east is three rivers paddling club (pittsburgh) and due south on 77 is the west virginia wildwater association (charleston wv).

Just google their websites and post on their message boards. I belong to the wvwa and you can sign up to use the message board without joining. The wvwa offers clinics- beginner, intermediate, river rescue, a few scheduled club trips, and lots of impromptu trips via their message board. The yough and slippery rock are probably your closest streams so that's why i suggested three rivers. Keelhaulers is a good option because you could hook up and ride share. The New is a bit further but a straight shot south for you and pretty close to the interstate. Sometime I see cops out, columbus outdoor pursuits- but their website didn't have much paddling info.

I'd be more than happy to paddle with you on the upper new or a similiar class II/III run in wv. Just pm me with a date and your questions through the wvwa message board. I'm looking to get out another half dozen times this year at least and paddle all year round.

tony daniel
oak hill, wv
wvwa vice president

i reply
awesome sounds good. I think I probably need to pick up a wet/dry suit before I go but I will definitely get ahold of you. thanks for all the info!

whats your size? L or xL your in luck
I can probably hook you up with a loaner-have 2 farmer john wetsuits, 1 semi dry suit, 1 dry suit, 1 drysuit top, 1 pair of wetsuit pants, and a bunch of paddling jackets, beanies, gloves, and pogies.

check out the american whitewater wv river level page for more info on the “new”, click on the descriptions to get a feel for the different sections- river levels are low right now- very beginner friendly

oops , changed original post
pittsburgh is east of dover ohio, good thing I’m not navigating!