Newbie seat question

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Hi Folks,

First post thanks in advance for all your help!
I just picked up my first OT penoobscot 16 in Royalex; and I'd like your input on installing a center seat.
( I know....the Penobscot isn't the best first canoe...but for a 75% solo/ 25% tandem slow river/flat water fishing/ camping combo boat that isn't a ain't bad)

Id like to install a center seat, but keep the yoke if at all posssible. I can't find a clamp on yoke that doesn't seem like a pain.
Im thinking of installing the seat about 18" aft of the carry yoke, so that when I kneel Im almost centered. But I measured it off, and if I do that Im only gaining about 8 inches towards the center from just paddling backwards. Is that enough distance to affect trim with about 250 pounds in the boat total?
eventually I'll probably start paddling with a longer kayak paddle, but id like to learn proper technique with a single paddle before doing that ( if thats relevant here)
What would you do?


There’s this:

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Probably not a great yoke, and you wouldn't be balanced if you put the seat well aft of center. But it might be an acceptable compromise.

Here's a nice solo Penobscot:

drop in seat
I am selling my drop-in seat. Used once. I need to sit on the floor to sail.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I looked at the cane yoke/seat option…

and thanks for the offer on the drop in, but the bride already bought me a seat Id “better” use!