Newbie seeks advice. Brave aint I.

I am wanting to get a kayak to fly and bug fishing in small area streams around my middle TN area. Being partially retires I am looking for something much less expensive. . I am looking at a Heritage 9.5 featherlite angler. Anyone familiar with this craft I would welcome some feedback.

I’m in the same category. Just acquired a Prowler 13 - which appears to be large enough for some sound and maybe offshore Florida panhandle fishing, lake fishing in OH and PA, and some smaller stream fishing in OH and FL.

Having just cruised through centarl TN this week, I noticed quite a few small, lazy streams…

Can’t speak much for the length , but appears to be a good length for what I observed in TN Strwams.

Look more for comfort, and be ready to begin to learn deck management of your gear and essentials, which I ( and a few other newbies I’ve talked to) find to be an ever learning curve …sespecially snce IO’m a pack rat that used to haul the kitchen sink in a canoe, or to the shore points.

Good little kayak for a sit inside
For the money, its difficult to do much better. The kayak tracks reasonably well, is fairly light, and gets the job done. I’d take it out on the 14,000 acre lake near my home that I fish all the time with no qualms, with the proviso that I’d keep and eye on the weather and would try to stay within the working limits of the Featherlite. That means not venturing into bigger water and fishing quiet parts of the lake.

As for the waters you want to fish, that is a bit more difficult to project without knowing them. If the streams are mostly flat water or don’t exceed Class I waters, it will do fine as a fishing craft. In situations where one needs to maneuver in tight spaces, its a good little kayak.

Had a Heritage 9.5
I retired 2 years ago in mid-Tn. Had 2 years of fun fishing mid-Tn streams (mostly the Duck River) from first a Heritage Featherlite, then a Perception America 11. I like the Perception much better. Tracks much better, more storage space and it’s a little faster. Price is about the same, but you can only get the America from Dick’s. I think it’s got the Islander name on it now, but it’s the same boat. I’ve recently moved to Ga. to be near family and have several more kayaks in my collection, but I still fish more from the America than any other one. If I could only have one, the America would be it. Hope this helps. Have fun in Tn. (I sure miss it).

There are other kayaks that may be
better, but you asked about the 9.5 Featherlite. The Old Town Dirgo, Wilderness System Pungo, and a bunch of other sit inside kayaks are all very good fishing craft. Heritage builds a 12 foot and, I believe, a 14 foot Featherlite, they are good kayaks too.

I have one & I enjoy every minute

It’s got a good history of use for fishn
That particular model is what I call a “pedigree” kayak. That doesn’t mean that it’s the best for your purpose, but it does mean that a lot of people before you have used the model the you intend to and are happy with it.

There are other “pedigree” stream fishing kayaks too. If you’re interested in getting into the sport, my suggestion is get a “pedigree” kayak and get paddling. Don’t worry about getting the perfect kayak, and just get one. If you’re a newbie, you wouldn’t know a perfect kayak if it sat on your lap. Just get started and learn what you like and don’t like. You’ll be trading boats sometime. When you do, then use what you’ve learned to get something you like even better.

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Decisions, decisions
Well thanks to all. With the suggestions I have gotten here I have shopped even more. OMG, so many choices and I am like a kid in a candy store. Can’t keep the front of my shirt dry. I guess the real thing I have learned here is that there is no perfect kayak. Learning, each has its advantages, some have disadvantages. Guess the thing to do is bite the bullet and buy something I think will work. Maybe trade later even. Anyone ever do that or sell used?


Sell a kayak or canoe?
People do that? I’ve two kayaks, two canoes. Some go months without being used, then are just right for a particular fishing trip or adventure. My sons also like to borrow one or two, maybe the big canoe every now and then. Then, its a problem of where’s the boat when I want to use it. Ever try to get something back from one of your kids when they borrowed it?

Depending on how long your own it, which kayak, and your local market, you can probably expect anywhere from 40-70% back on a resale. Some boats will bring more.

The asking price for sit on top kayaks used around here is ridiculous. They want new price plus what they’ve put into it in the way of accessories for a three year old kayak. Sit inside sell for 40-50

% of new, sometimes less. Canoes, forget about it. My solo canoe, when new, sold for $800. I bought it for $300 used from a dealer. He couldn’t unload it. Perfect for me, but no one else wanted a canoe. The hull was in almost new condition. I did have to replace a $20 item.

Your mileage may vary on resale. I would guess sit insides sell better in your neck of the woods.

Best fishing craft ever

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Got two of them in khaki color. I swear they attract and trigger fish to bite. My wife and I paddle by shore fishermen and poles bend as we approach or pass by. Have seen schools of hundreds of mixed breeds of fish pacing us just off to the side.(trout,bass crappy, bluegills all travelling together) It is like they think we are the mother of all fish. Dangedest thing I have ever seen in any boat. I got seven boats to choose from. When fishing, we take the Heritage 9.5 Featherlight Angler.

I would sell one of mine to you for about double what I paid for it brand new.

Hey Dad!
Hey there Dad! I thought I might find you if I searched a bit! I am hunting around for gear myself and thought I would see how your search is going. I cannot wait till you can join us in some fishing trips in the kayaks!


Heritage Featherlite
I have the nonangler 9.5 but fish from it daily.

The pole sits butt down in the slot behind your seat for when you are traveling. I purchased a yakclip to hold the paddle to the side. That also will hold a pole on the side. I have a small rucksack I keep in the cockpit with caribiners to the front bungee. That holds my tackle boxes and a portable fishfinder. You have to keep things to a minimum but it is a great little boat. Easy to put in the back of my Escape. Try it, you’ll like it! It was important to me that it be easy to load,unload and go. This boat fits the bill perfectly.