Newbie: The Usual 1st Boat Dilemma

I have posted before and keep going round and round on this. (For those who say “Just get one and start paddling,” I respond that I am looking for used and the used market is absolutely zero at this time of year. eBay, CraigsList, local paddling club buy/sell: nothing.)

Anyway, I am a rock bottom novice. I have spent some time in a Dagger Mamba (I liked it), a LiquidLogic Hoss (I hated it), and a Wave Sport Diesel 65 (I could live with it even though I am near the top of the recommended weight range). All of these are going to run about $1,000, so it aint gonna happen, but I am told by my “advisors” that these boats are “too long” and I won’t be happy with them. I think that they are saying that these are OK for Class I/II and getting down the river, but that I will outgrow them very quickly. Opinions?

The Hoss I don’t know…
…but the Diesel is a very good boat for all


One solution might be to join a local club and

borrow a boat from someone not making that

particular trip. And many of us have more than

one boat.

that might tide you over until you can find a used one.

Buying a used one is excellent advice, but you

still want to get one you like.

You will outgrow them very quickly
ONLY if you specialize in playboating. If you want to run rivers and develop general skills, the Mamba and Diesel would be excellent.

Get connected with your local kayak club and if they have an online forum – use it. Set up an Ebay search within a reasonable mileage from your zipcode.

Post on Boater Talk
Say you are looking for a Mamba or a Diesel and your location.

three or four will materialize in your mail box.

Maybe an Inazone?
I am also new to ww and spent this past weekend in a two day session on the Deerfield. My Inazone felt extraordinarily supportive and forgiving.

I chose an Inazone after much research - including speaking with coaches and experienced ww paddlers. I am very happy with my choice.

Being new to ww I did not want to blow money on a brand new boat only to find I wasn’t happy with it.

You can pick up used Inazones for $300-500. These boats were once made in 4 different volumes, and continued to be made in two sizes for a fairly long time.

Good info from all. Thanks. I had no idea that “Need a Boat” ads actually work. I will give it a try when I return from my trip.

Mamba opinion

new ‘advisors’ maybe?
too long?

your first boat would be well served by the Mamba or Diesel and up to and including Class V.

Playboating is a different animal and that is good to shoot for your ‘second’ boat.



Took the advice of posting a “Boat Wanted” ad at Boater Talk and a response materialized within an hour. Don’t know what will come of it, but I am amazed.