Newbie thoughts on a recreational kayak on Long Island

My new fav activity as we spend winter in SW FL. Plenty of awesome kayaking routes and a great group to go with. Back on LI, New York, I want to explore areas here- rivers and calm Great South Bay. Do I spend $280 for a Lifetime Triton 10 ft sit on OR, spend $600 plus the cost of a paddle for an Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5, knowing that the season for kayaking is much shorter here. (I have a Perception Tribe 9.5 in FL). Thanks.

Great South Bay can get very rough and change fast. To fast for any rec boat. The season is only short as you want it to be.

Lifetime is far below the quality of an Ocean kayak.

Listen to Paddledog52. My husband was from mid-island, a town on the Great South Bay. Someone managed to underestimate it every year.

Start by finding out how to paddle salt water safely, then worry about the boat. This link is a place to start reading.

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Thank you PaddleDog52

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Thank you Celia

You can buy a lot of kayak used for 600-800. Something you can use in the bay.

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Check out Long island paddlers on FB