Newbie with some questions

Hi everyone I just did join in from iowa…I just brought a pelican catch 120 from someone Been sitting for a few years it’s like new…I’m looking to add fish pole holders in front and I want to get a locator and battery this week…How did you guys mount your locators and transducer? Can you share some pictures to give me an idea how to do it…

I’ve read some blurbs that you can actually have
transducer ON THE INSIDE of the hull.

Why not try it before mounting it outboard?

As long as your transducer has complete contact with the hull it it will probably read through it. I would experiment with that first. Otherwise you could probably just mount it to a 1x4 board or piece of aluminum and then simply clamp that to the hull. Then it would be easy to get it out of the water if you need to keep it from getting in the way or damaged.