Just bought my first canoe not going to tell you what its is because A )I’m not sure B)if its not a good one i don’t want to be laughed at.

Anyway my wife and i live amile off the potomac so guess where we’ll be paddling at.

Any suggestions for a novice on the potomac ???

Thanks Mike

1. People here can tell you your boats strenghts and weaknesses and 2. There is always some moron on here to be ignorant but more good people who are not. Ignore the morons :slight_smile: Heather

It’s a good canoe…
if it suits your needs and abilitites. The 1st thing you need to learn on this board is to ignore the reptiles, and you will learn quickly who they are. Lots of useful help and advice offered by a a lot of good people with a wide range of experiences. Like I was told in school,

“there are no stupid questions, only stupid annswers.”

Happy Paddlin’

Grandpa .

Enjoy you new canoe
I’m not familiar with you local waters, but there should be some locals and people on this board who can give you advice on where to paddle. However I do suggest you move this post over to the advice, suggestions, and general help board where it would get more visibility.

Since you already have a canoe I suggest you just take it out often on the kinds of waters you plan on paddling. You might want to check with some knowledgeable people at home or on this board just to make sure you are not going to endanger yourself by trying to use the boat for a purpose for which it was not designed. For instance taking a hard tracking lake boat on class II or class III whitewater.

Do not make rash judgements about the boat, give it some time, maybe one season. Then decide what you like and don’t like about the canoe: size, tracking, maneuverability, weight, carrying capacity, etc. At that point if you decide your canoe does not meet your needs and you want to trade it in, you can start a post and be more succinct in describing what you are looking for.

With that kind of information, there are people on this board who can give you informed opinions on alternative boats. Just remember these will be OPINIONS, so be aware of the prejudices of the people offering advice. After hanging around here for a season you will be better able to judge which posters are informed and which are just blowing a lot of hot air.

So enjoy your boat this season and if you decide to trade it in remember, test paddle, test paddle, test paddle.

I am pretty much a newbie on this site too. I can’t help you with your question on the Potomac.

But I would like to Welcome you to the site.We as Paddling enthusiasts, should do our part to promote our sport. If your canoe does what you want it to do, that’s what is important. Be safe and happy paddling to you and your wife.

Some advice I’m sure you’re aware of, know the water where you paddle. There is some BIG white water on the Potomac (Great Falls).

Don’t worry about the canoe, just go paddle and be safe.


Hey there Homey!
I grew up in DC and the Potomac near the Kennedy Center is a great place to paddle. There is a place to rent them near George Town Univ. Go there and ask around. And don’t forget Haynes Point.

Also… try going to They post reviews and have good ideas on DC locations. (you Do want to avoid Great Falls for obvious reasons, LOL)

And as far as getting a “BAD” boat. Forget it. Anything that gets you out on the water is a good boat.

You can also go down around the south end of National (Reagan) Airport. They have ramps and also a good place to get with others and ask questions.

Enjoy. There’s no place in the world like DC. Wet or Dry.

Dont Forget

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to head over to Roosevelt Island. Good place for a picknick after a little paddling.