Hi fellow paddlers, new to the forum, just wanted to say hi. 42 yrs old have been canoeing and fishing the rivers of Va for the past 25 yrs and am enjoying it now with my 11 yr old son. He is quite a paddler. Have seen some very interesting topics on this forum and am looking foward to participating.

Welcome Joby

Welcome aboard Joby
where 'bouts in VA are you? Bet you can guess where I am from the handle.

Another Virginian here (at least they haven’t kicked me out yet). I hope we’ll get the chance to see you and your son on the river some time.

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To Shenandoahriverrat & Big_D
I live in Orange,Va, sort of between Charlottesville and Culpeper. Paddle moslty on the Rapidan and the Rivanna rivers. Have been on the Shenandoah around Luray but it’s been quite a few yrs back. My son and I were out this past Sunday on the Rapidan and both caught a few nice smallmouth along with some fock bass and some chubs. Nice day to spend on the river with my son, he slept well last night. The Rapidan is a nice floating and fishing river that dosen’t get much recognition. Take care and remember, the water should be under you !!!

I know exactly where you are. My company has a production operation out on Pine Stake Rd just off 522. I get down that way on occasion when I have to check out my projects at the plant (I’m in Gainesville at the Engineering/Admin buildings) Been wanting to get down on the Rapidan at some point.

Another Virginian here
From one Virginian to another, welcome aboard. Russ


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i'm also a newb and reside in va. i hope you enjoy this place as much as i do. see ya around.

Seems like a lot of you guys from VA. Mick (Mcwood) and Reagan (Woodtroll) are also from VA. Lots of good imfo, lots of good people. Just ignore the occasional “attitude” and try to remember we ALL have bad days. Hope to see you arround here. WW

Welcome from Front Royal.
My house is probably about 1600ft.back from the South Fork(just past edge of soggy hayfield that takes up the 100 yr.flood plain. I have a waterfront lot a couple of miles downstream on Shenandoah Main Stem’s Big Bend. I spent most of my life in Manassas where I occasionally would paddle on Bull Run. Occasionally when I was a youngster with no wheels some kindly soul would offer an outing to Front Royal and the Shenandoah or to Potomac Canoe Club where some friends were members, or to some of the relatives places along the Patuxent in Maryland. I’ve decided to be a masochist and specialize in feebly trying to catch Muskie stocked by the state in Shenandoah’s various parts. In any case it should be a great way to kill time on the water.