I just purchased a Feel free Corona Kayak (SOT) for myself and 14 yr old son. This is the first kayak I have ever owned. I know its big but I’m 6’5 275 lbs and my son weighs 150. I decided to go with stability and weight capacity. I’m not ready to turn him loose in his own boat yet. But I do plan on going by myself some as well as over-nighting with my son. Does anybody have any experience paddling this boat by themselves in the single person spot? How hard or easy will it be to track in slow moving rivers of eastern NC? Also I know which paddles and PFD’s I want, but what other accessories will be beneficial. I make my living on the water and have owned power boats since I was 12. I know the water and boats. I don’t know kayaks. Any advice would be appreciated.

a gentle question
you have owned boats since you were 12 and you have apprehensions about turning your 14 year old son loose?

I would suggest solo kayaks. He is old enough to learn the skills. Paddle together and he will learn your good judgment.

Solo position
My first kayak was a Hobie Oddysey - it looks a little more stream lined than the boat you have, and it was OK to paddle from the middle seat, but honestly I did not use it like that for long. I too bought my first kayak when my son was 14, and by 15 with both had our own boats. Since then we’ve been kayak surfing together along the California coast, Hawaii and New Zealand. Your son will very soon let you know he’s ready for his own boat, and you’ll learn that primary stability is not the best reason to buy a kayak.

Probably should have put in he is autistic.

I have no experience but read that autistic folk can be attracted to the water without considering their own safety so it may well be that you have to do the rescue. He might not be so willing to participate.

With those parameters maybe other folks can chime in.