Hi all! I am relatively new to kayaking and have only a few months ago purchased my first used kayak (Perception Shadow 16.5) after participating in a fantastic guided tour. I have been hitting up mostly our coastal waterways with family and we are looking forward to finding new and exciting places to explore! I grew up in the Mountains where hiking had been one of my passions but since moving to the coast, I’ve felt somewhat lost. Kayaking has invigorated my love for this area and I am so grateful to have “discovered” it. I am looking to meet others of all skill levels to share tips, advice and just share a passion for the water!

Thanks for reading!

You’ll find lots of good information and good discussion around here. Ask questions and keep an open mind to other peoples experiences and you’ll absorb plenty!

I’m new too!!
I’d always wanted to try kayaking and I just bought my first boat this summer. I’m hooked. I used to mountain bike all the time but kayaking is such a refreshing change of pace. It’s cool the things you get to see that you wouldn’t if you were on land! Have fun!!

Tips / Advice
Be safe. Keep this in mind: What would I do if the boat got knocked over out here so far from shore?

Strive to get your skill level such that you don’t care one bit if it does.

Is your Shadow the plastic one or

My wife has the plastic and has always liked it, but once made the mistake of demoing a composite one and has always wanted one.

Jack L

Thank you!
Thank you!

I pretty much explore the marshes and a few local lakes as of now. I don’t launch from the beach yet and I am never too far from land really. If I do capsize while not expecting to I will honestly rely on the 3 others who kayak with me to lend a helping hand. We have practiced rescue techniques and towing together and feel quite comfortable if something were to happen. Although we do have each other, we are all taking a few safety courses with a local kayak outfitter next month. There are things that I can never teach myself and being safety is my number 1 priority! I have tried my hand a few water sports here and I’ve explored the marshes extensively so I do feel most comfortable there of all places. I will save some of the more technical treks for later. Thank you for your comment! Every time you are on the water there is that possibility of disaster and although some may not want to think about it or admit it, I can. It is better to be safe than sorry :slight_smile:

My Shadow is plastic. The only down side to this kayak is it is quite heavy and I cannot carry it by myself. I am relatively short/small at around 5’3/106lbs so after trying out a few different kayaks in my price range, this one seemed to fit me very well. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far! I did test out a Solstice GTS and fell in love! Maybe one day!