newby needs help

63 years old 5’7" 140lbs am in good health with the exception of a breathing problem. I use an inhaler and get out of breath with a lot of exersion. I am looking for a light weight kayak

easy to manuever for calm water to do some bass fishing. Will not have to carry the kayak more than 30 feet to the water.

Any suggestions on the type or make of kayak?



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If you want a really light boat...

Seriously, if you just want a calm-water fishing boat and don't care about going fast or far, almost anything that floats will work for you.
Something like a Dagger Element or Blackwater, or Wilderness Systems Pungo would work fine, but weight might be an issue for you. For less weight(and more money) something like the Perception Sonoma 10.0 Airlite or one of the Hurricane boats might be a good choice. Many fishermen prefer sit-on-tops, but they tend to be heavy -- the Ocean Kayak Venus or Hurricane Phoenix 120 might be good for you in that style. At 140lbs you'd probably do well in boats for "small paddlers"

A small solo canoe is another option -- something like a Wenonah Vagabond. Some folks, especially older ones, find a canoe to be more comfortable than a kayak.

Head out to the local chain store
find something comfortable to sit in and buy it. No waiting, good price and you’re in the water the same day.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I

certainly appreciate them.


I appreciate the help, but I might be taking the yak in the bay on a calm day. I’m on the west coast of Fla.

Thanks again

boat for larger person
I am a woman, nearly 6 feet tall and weigh around 205. I have always liked the Old Town boats. They have tons of history with their canoes and kayaks. My fav is the 138 but most have large and long seating areas

The Old Towns

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are kind of heavy, aren't they?

For a lightweight kayak that is stable enough to fish from, I'd probably go with the Hurricane Santee. The Phoenix 12 would be good if you like sit on tops. The Eddyline Skylark is also very nice but a tad more expensive.

The Current Design Kestrel is very
stable and comes in kevlar version that is less than 40 pounds. But you will pay for that lack of weight.