Newby- quick question please

Going to look at an old BlueHole OCA tomorrow. It seems like these are pretty well built canoes. Any opinions?


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I don't know much about them from personal use, but their reputation seems to be as a well-built workhorse-type of canoe.

Probably not soemthing you'd regret buying used as a capable general purpose canoe.


p.s. You might get better responses if you change your subject line to say something about Bluehole canoes.

Quick answer !
In their day, they were one of the best.



Just make sure it’s crack free, has no exposed foam core or soft spots (delamination). Just about everything else can be fixed. Royalex can get brittle with age, especially if left in the sun. Trust your eyeball judgment.

I bought a used 20+ year old (royalex) Mohawk tandem a couple of years ago. General wisdom says it’s far beyond it’s prime and the Royalex should be shot, but it’s previous owner took exceptional care of it and it’s darned near like new today.

Just be careful,


Blue Hole
Blue Hole was one of the original Royalex canoe companies. You still see OCAs on the river today. It is a big tandem, very similar in overall size and shape to the Dagger Legend 16, capable of heavy whitewater use. They are very well-built, ideed. It will be a bit sluggish to paddle on flatwater.

I had an Evergreen Sequal made from
the old Bluehole molds (so I’m told). It was a good, solid boat. Strange though, it came with no decals or markings.

I passed on it. The hull looked okay but the gunwales looked like a 6 yr attacked them with a sledgehammer. The guy wanted $300 but this looked like a $100 canoe at best.

Anyway- bought a new Mad River Adventure for 20% off on Saturday. Going to pick it up Thursday night and hit the lake for a trial run this weekend.