Newfie Icebergs

I am planning a trip to Newfoundland in the spring of 2005. My mission is to paddle among icebergs. Does anyone have any recommendations on location, places to stay, outfitters? I plan to fly out & paddle 4 or 5 days. Thanx

Newfie paddling
Went there last summer. Awesome paddling!

For icebergs, you’ll have to go early in the season, say may or early june at the latest to have the best odds.

I’d recommend staying and paddling in the Gros Morne area, and also around Twilingate in the bay of exploits (That’s where the icebergs will be most numerous, from there to St John’s).

I have a TR on my website at:

Have fun!


looks like a great trip
I would be excited to one of these trips to!

Newfoundland Calling…
Great to see folks from away interested in paddling God’s Country, or at least his ocean - from reading the posts on and other sites over the past few years re crowding, etc., I have to keep pinching myself to realize just how, how good we have it here - very friendly people, launch just about anywhere, go just about anywhere, see just about no one, with about 5,000 miles of unbelieveably beautiful coastline to explore. Yup, the water’s usually cold until mid-August, but hey - if things were absolutely perfect here, we’d be overrun with paddlers, wouldn’t we?

If anyone’s heading this way, you’re more than welcome to e-mail us at - gladly do whatever we can re info, contacts, etc. If you plan to be around Terra Nova National Park during the summer, we have a cabin at Eastport, and would love to meet up for a low-voltage paddle and maybe a cup of tea and a feed of fish and brewis back at the cabin…

Here’s a link to the Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador website - some very good trip reports there, if you wanna root around a little…

Regards, Rick Hayes

He speaks the truth
I’ve been to Nfld, it truly is God’s country for dozens of reasons. The night life in St. John’s is…boisterous.

Check out The owner, Joe Dicks, (877-497-5673) can set you up with just about anything you want.


My wife & I were in Newfoundland last July. There was no shortage of ice bergs then along the coastal areas.

Well kayaking around icebergs would be amazing, it can also be dangerous. When pieces break off of them or they roll over they can easily send out waves that can over turn a kayak. If you are going to go on a trip like this, I’d make sure that you had the right gear to navigate in fog and were comfotable rolling. There was a kayaker that drowned two years ago in a race in the Bay of Fundy (close to where I live) from exposure. If you do go, have a great time – just take care.