Newfoundland options

I was hoping to drive to Newfoundland with my boat to give me maximum flexibility and economy (at least in terms of paddling), but that has proven to be too ambitious. So my current thoughts are to fly to NF with my non-paddling wife, stay for a week or so on a shared vacation (she hates the Atlanta heat and especially towards the middle and end of summer), and then she would fly back with me staying for another week or so during which time I would like to really focus on paddling. The pictures of that area I’ve seen look incredible. Anyway, does anyone here have any familiarity with that neck of the woods. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get some good solo paddles in and maybe a couple guided tours (I suppose I would need to hook up with something already on the calendar…paddle with another group). I’m a pretty experienced paddler, would bring my own drysuit and maybe PFD. Does anyone have any recommendations for places that would rent to a solo paddler or that might have tours going that I could join up with. I’d love to do an overnight or two but maybe that’s not realistic, at least from a kayak. Could bring some camping gear and just car camp at parks. If anyone has any recommendations about anything (must-see areas, restaurants, things-to-do other than paddling, whatever), I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

Gros Morne Kayak rentals in Bonne Bay. There is a paddling club in St Johns. Both need to examine you before renting a single.

Twilingate Kayaking This is a great area. Not sure if they rent singles. They do do multiday… Twilingate is lovely with many many hikes to occupy non paddlers So is all of Newfoundland

Terra Nova NP-

I am fortunate that I just load up the kayaks on the truck and take the ferry over.

Bringing camping gear is problematic if you fly but not impossible… The main issue is finding fuel for your camp stove. Newfoundland does not seem to carry isobutane canisters.

With a week I suggest sticking close to one end of the province. Its big and in three weeks we covered half… the next three week trip the other half

I prefer the western half and fly to Deer Lake. There are cabin rentals in the Gros Morne area and again lots of hiking.

Twilinggate is harder to get to. Its a days drive from Deer Lake or St Johns. But its lovely.

Good advise. I paddled around the island a decade ago and was stunned with the scenery. Gros Morne and Twillingate are beautiful as are many other areas. I love the icebergs that sail down the east coast, and encountering many whales (most on my trip were offshore Twllingate and Bonavista). The people in Newfoundland are very friendly and helpful, and you will likely make some wonderful, lifelong friends. I look forward to going back one day.
Water is very cold (even in summer), I wore a drysuit.
Hiking is great too, and seasonally, all the blueberries that you can eat!

Pre-book your car rental. There can be shortages of available vehicles.

Gros Morne is singular in its beauty and has some of the nicest roads in Canada. Try not to drive after dusk because Newfoundland has some of the highest moose concentrations in the world. It’s a tremendously beautiful place.

Ditto Gros Morne, have been several times, Bonne Bay and the surrounding fjords are spectacular, excellent day hikes everywhere.

NL is big, I agree with others to stay on one side or the other. If Twillingate is the goal, you can fly in to Gander to shorten the drive. Also agree re car rentals, they are limited and expensive - the one-way drop off fee was large.

Just an FYI - businesses come and go quickly there, so verify that any recommended hotels/restaurants/rental firms are still in business before you plan your itinerary. I think you should be reserving hotel rooms or cabins as soon as possible too.

Enjoy, it’s a great, uncrowded, beautiful place to go…

I was petrified but we paddled a bit around Bell Island. Towering cliffs and some pocket beaches. The launch site by the ferry was a good beach
Pick a good day.! It’s just outside St Johns

I agree with the other posters about Bonne Bay and Twilingate, Both are fantastic. We camped, which allowed us to move around as much as we wanted.

This might be a good DVD to review.

The light house b&b they visit is cool.

The light house b&b they visit is cool.

If that’s Quirpon Island, I’ll second that - feels like the end of the world, with whales and icebergs…

Thanks everyone for the excellent and truly useful information.