Newhope Pa. put in?

Will be in Newhope tomorrow (10/6/05 Thursday). Anyone know what the Deleware or the canal are like to paddle there? Know a good place to put in and paddle upstream? I will be in a Thunderbolt (Flat water racer). Don’t want white water or scratches (kevlar).

Old Info
I used to live near Washington Crossing PA many years ago, I put into the Canal at Titusville and paddled up stream a ways, there was a spot where you could put into the Delaware from the Canal about 5 miles upstream and go back and take out near the bridge in Washington crossing. Wells Falls is right at new hope and is probably Class II, there is a wing dam there and not someplace you are looking to be paddling, There is a spot to put in the river on the NJ side south of the falls. Sorry I don’t remember details, should be pretty easy to find on river guides though or google.maps.

Put in Newhope PA
Put in in Lambertville just north of the wing dam you can then paddle upstream to your hearts content, The first shoal you will see should be near Bull’s Run Park.

Go across bridge to Lambertville and follow road along river to launch area.


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I love P-net. Thanks, you guys are great!

Delorme Pennsylvania Atlas
and Gazetter. Invaluable for questions like yours. You should buy. See Amazon, Sam’s Club, B and N or Borders.