Next kids kayak

My 10 year old son is currently paddling a perception acadia scout which has been a fine kayak for him. I’m looking towards his next kakak as he’s getting bigger. I’d like to get him a sit on top and possibly mount a rod holder to. He expressed a desire to start fishing from his own kayak and I’d rather it be from a sit on top. Any suggestions. So far the only one I’ve looked at on line was a Perception Tribe 9.5.




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The Scout I've checked out has a 23" beam, and most contemporary SOTs start out around 28" wide, the majority of which will be 29-30-31-32" wide. That may make it problematic for your 10 year-old to actually paddle it, clearing the sides -while generally lower in SOTs, the height in a cockpit boat is compensated by the narrower distance between the cockpit rim and the side of the boat. SOTs will generally require a greater reach, and that may not be a pleasant experience for him.

OTOH, he may adapt easily to the new regimen, as many kids that age do in new/novel situations. I think you should have him test-drive what's available in your area, if that's possible. At least have him sit on one and mimic paddling to see, sort of what it will, more or less, be like...

Also, remember that for otherwise approximately equivalently-sized rec boats and SOTs, the SOT will weigh more. While this makes relatively little difference on the water, good for your 10-YO, it could make a bigger difference getting to and from the water, and to and from your car, not so good -maybe for him -but much more probably for you!.

Go for the narrowest model(s) available to consider if he's up for an SOT. And check out, an SOT-oriented site where there's a good familiarity with SOTs for all applications.

Good luck in your search. May you find a new boat he'll be happy to -quite literally-


-Frank in Miami

Check out
The Jackson Kayaks Rivera, fast, light, and I’m sure you could rig it up for fishing somehow. Got one for 350.00 last fall, kids love it. Tkamd

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of looking at Jackson. Actually didn’t know they made kayaks until two weeks ago when I used on on a guided fishing tour.

I will also check out topkayaker.

He’s paddled a bit wider boat on a trip this summer. I think it was an old town otter and did ok with it, so I will check those specs.