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we have a two person kayak. My fellow works alot, and just bought me a otter xl, bitchy me, already, wants to upgrade to something else. Now I am 56, and limited in what i can lift, but was thinking of a trailer. come on guys and girls, give me a suggestion, I do fresh and salt water, flat water at this point, I know you all know much more than me, help me out.

two kayaks
You’ll probably be happier with two single kayaks, most couples do better on their own. I’d suggest something much longer and perhaps a bit narrower.

Find a kayak dealer (not a sporting goods store) and go talk to them, many will let you try boats for free.

Bill H.

How about a solo canoe?
Mine weighs 25 pounds.

25 pounds!
What kind of kayak do you have-weight wise it sounds great.