Next week

I’ll be on the water, but in a different way. 4 days in a 62 foot canal boat In Wales, UK. We run the boat ourselves, and have to run all the locks we encounter.

@Andy_Szymczak - Video unavailable.

I have joined a friend who have what sounds like a similar boat (in my friend’s case, a 20 meter long Dutch barge) for a run down the Thames through London and also for a week on the canals in Burgundy, France.

Cool! That kind of trip would so be on my list, but I will have to spend time finding a group to do it with. Still knocking off trips that don’t take as much prep work.

I’ve fantasized for years about taking a barge trip somewhere in Europe and being able to take kayak and/or bike outings ashore while sleeping and eating aboard the “mothership”.

I used to organize trips, both for an outfitter I worked for and on my own for groups of friends and my outdoor club members. Maybe I need to look into this option.