Next Winter

Ok I need a little help. Next winter I would like to take a trip to the Keys to paddle. I don’t want to drive my car and boat from VT. I am hoping to get a good lead on an outfitter I can rent from for a few days. I’ll also need a bit of advice on place to stay and what not. Remote is good. Toss me a minnow would ya?


Florida Bay Outfitters…
…on Key Largo is the best in the Keys and has a great variety of kayaks.

You didn’t say if you will be camping or staying in a motel so give some more info on that.

Evidently you will be renting a car.

If you need more info, you need to give some more of your game plan.



I thought Florida Bay Outfitters
is selling their business???

no real plan
Last winter had me on the edge. There was no ski-able snow until late Jan, which means no snowshoeing either. I am just trying to establish my options for the coming winter and plan a possible escape. I was stationed at CCAFS for almost nine years and I miss FL. Don’t ask why I live in VT.

One of Franks statements…
…when it went up for sale was that he would try to sell it to someone who would keep it going as is.

Hopefully that will hold true.