Nexus 70 compass

Do i really need to add a compensator????going to be installed on my my new 'glas tempest 170....
do i really need on of those things????

I’ve got 70P’s on several boats and I’ve never heard of a “compensator” for it.

Th most hard core

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folst I know don't use a compensator for a 70 P. Just make sure the right screws are used to put it in and keep the ferrous gear away fron it when you pack.

Congrats on the great boat and compass. May she bear you with grace.

yeppers and…
some breakdown paddle joints/ buttons will even set her off.

d-e-v-i-a-t-i-o-n is a bad thing when it comes to navigation.

good luck on your new ride!


Compensator? No Way…
Know the declination (be it East or

West) and add or subtract as necessary from your intended azimuth (bearing). Done.

A compensator is not about declination

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it is used to make a compass point to magnetic north more accurately. Check out the idea of compensating here:

For coping with the declination on the water many of us use a device called the small craft "nav aid" fron C sutherland.

Ahhh…I see.
The nav aid looks a lot like what I used in the Infantry for map and compass work. I believe it was called a map protractor in the service. Makes plotting courses on the map easy. Just had to convert the “grid” azimuth to a “magnetic” azimuth before using the compass.

Where can one pick up the Nav aid?

Here you go

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I googled sutherland and "nav aid" (with quotes) and got
This has ordering info


this had general info and a way to make your own and some clever ways to use the navaid.

I thought Sutherlands testiimony and article about the ?2003? death of a paddling student in Buzzard bay were harsh so I do not know If I am in a hurry to give him more money. He may be a physician and an expert on cold water immersion and he may be an instructor but he is not an expert on kayak instruction as far as I know (like a trainer of instructors. His testimony on the matters of kayak instruction should have been objected to and disregarded.

As a matter if fact his improper use of the term T-X rescue indicates he is outside of the consensus of kayaking instructors.

Secondwind Sports sells them for $10