Nexus 70P compass

Can someone tell me where to pick up a Nexus 70P compass at a decent price for my wife’s boat?



Rutabaga has them on sale for $80
And even with the shipping, it still comes out cheaper than the $90-100 you see them for elsewhere.



If you are a paddling perks member, you will get 10% off of the purchase.

If they don’t list it in their online catalog, send them an e-mail, or call them. They will be happy to get it and ship it to you, plus you will still get the 10% “Perks” off. Place an order over $99.00, and they give free shipping too!

I have gotten several items from them, and their service is great. The last item I got from them, was not an item they carried, but they got it for me, and the price was better than elsewhere.

Neat company!

Call me!
I’ve got one, new in box, I’ll sell you for $80 also, Support the little guys shop! I can ship it out today! Shawnee Trails 618-529-2313

Support Stickman!
I’m out. 70P & 70UN’s are inbound so I can’t help, but you should definitely support Stickman!

See you on the water,


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thanks for the tip
I’ve been wanting one but didn’t want to shell out a hundred bucks for one. I made an eight mile island crossing in the fog two years ago on Lake Superior and I would have really liked one then :wink: I had my GPS and friends with me. But, there’s nothing like paddling on your own compass bearing or heading or whatever the proper term is…


Thanks for the support Marshall, and for the purchase Bob! Enjoy the compass!