Nexus compases

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I have a Nexus 85 compass on my touring boat. Itis about 5 years old now. The clear acrylic dome appears to be yellowing. Not really bad, and does not interfere with reading the card, but definately yellow.

Anyone else ever experience this?


Bad memory - It is actually a 70P

Not that, but…
…I have had one where the dial turned pink and another one that had flecks of stuff floating around it it. One of them was a Nexus, the other was and even older Suunto. In both cases, they were replaced under warranty, no questions asked. Contact Brunton (they bought out Nexus a few years ago) and I’ll bet that they’ll replace your compass.

And to make it even more confusing, Brunton is owned by Silva of Sweden.

The hand held compasses sold in the U.S. with the Silva label aren’t actually made by Silva of Sweden (the REAL Silva). Johnson Outdoors (the folks who make Old Town canoes) owns the “Silva” U.S. trademark and won’t allow Silva of Sweden to use it in the U.S.

I thought it was the other way around
The 70P was originally a Silva product, then Nexus, then Brunton. Are you sure that it’s not Brunton that owns Silva?

Found this…

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Today the Silva Group consists of the parent company Silva Sweden AB together with its subsidiaries Silva Plastic Center AB, Silva Ltd in UK, The Brunton Company, Brunton Canada, Silva France and Silva Far East.

You are probably correct in the sequence of labeling on the compass.

It seemed logical that Silva was an older, more established company and more likely to have bought Brunton than the other way around. It seems odd that they have changed the brand on the compass repeatedly, considering that Silva is known as a compass manufacturer and Brunton is primarily an optics company. Go figure.

My guess…
is if Silva couldn’t use the Silva label in NA as one poster suggested they may have used the Nexus label and when they bought Brunton they switched to that as it is a better known brand name than Nexus…

I was wondering myself as I will be buying a 70P soon and it seemed confusing.

Just a guess though.

My 70p that is labeled “comnav,” but made by Brunton (i think). Nothing even on the box that says Brunton or Silva.

I’ve seen them advertised for aircraft and “comnav” sounds “flighty”, so maybe they get to charge more…:wink:

mine was actually $5 cheaper than the Brunton,go figure.


Do you think a little 303 would stop the yellowing if applied several times a season?


my Silva is yellow too
it was either that or black

Is it possible
that the yellowing is not simply delamination? what happens to the headlights of cars over time. Do you think 303 would fix that? It sounds more like a chemical change than a dirty problem. Not sure you’re going to be able to fix that but I have a similar model and if that’s starts to happen I’d love to know what to do.

What might work…
… is a buffer and a fine compound. Does wonders for the plastic lights on my car…

Good idea Greyhawk
I’ll have to give it a shot this winter.


Buffing should work,…
…but if you’re not using the boat over the winter, I would just contact Brunton about a replacement. Why bother with the old one when you can get a new one that won’t yellow?