NFCT- Fulton Chain-of-lakes

Putting in at Old Forge, whats the best I can expect on a 3 day trip for milage ? Making average time, solo ? How about tandem ? Looking to cover good milage per day. I’m fat old and out of shape, but can paddle forever.

I’m thinking ‘Forked Lake campground’ is a reasonable distance for a 3 day trip. Any suggestions or advise ? What’s the best ‘window’ in the spring to avoid crowds and excessive bug’s ? Mid-early-late May? Starting our ‘sectional’ assault of the NFCT. Why not start at the beginning eh ?

What;‘s your time frame to finish?
I’ve considered section paddling over a 3-4 year period. How long do you think it will take you to finish?

Do you plan to solo or tandem your 17’ explorer? The chain of lakes is kinda windy sometimes so solo in the Explorer can be a chore, even with double blading. I’m thinking of doing the trip either in a Nova Craft Supernova or a Mad River Malecite. Any suggestions for other boats to consider? Mid to late May in ADK is hellacious black fly season, I’d go later in the year, or even September if I could.

Your route is familiar
Have done Old Forge to Forked Lake a bunch of times in one day, traveling light. Once solo in a Wenonah Mocassin, and the other times tandem in a Wenonah Spirit. The Spirit is comparable to the Explorer.

It would make a nice three day trip, Old Forge to Eighth Lake Campground on Day 1, Eighth Lake to Raquette Lake on Day 2, and across Raquette Lake and Forked on Day 3. Day 2 And 3 are short to allow you some weather delay if the wind is bad. You could shorten Day one stopping at Fourth Lake, but there is only one carry between Old Forge and the Eighth Lake campground at the end of Seventh Lake. If you arrive on Fourth Lake in the afternoon and its rough, you could stop at Alger Island campground and leave in the early morning when Fourth Lake is apt to be calmer.

As far as bugs, in mid to late May it can bad, or it can be awful. A head net is self-defense, not a luxury. Traveling by canoe has its advantages, being in the wind keeps them away. Pray for a dry spring.

For crowds, before Memorial Day is best, between Memorial Day and Fourth of July is not too bad, schools in NY run till the third week of June.

Thanks Plaidpaddler, Canoedancing
Good info, thanks. I’m just trying to find out how much I can expect to do in 3 days if I was solo, or how much to expect tandem. I wasn’t sure if I’d (we’d) be able to get to Long lake by the end of the 3rd day, wind considerations and all. Forked lake campground looks like the last place to get out before the haul down the Raquette river to Long lake.