NFCT Saranac River near Plattsburgh

  1. I was just wondering about the situation on the Saranac River. I guess theres an 8 mile stretch of rapids that may be unrunnable before Plattsburgh, NY. I was thinking of doing that section real soon but do you think its advisable to wait until spring? Does unrunnable mean you’re not going anywhere or does it mean you’ll be pulling your kayak a lot but still doable?

  2. Another Question: Looks like 30 miles of the trail is on Lake Champlain. Whats the best way to check water conditions so we don’t get caught out in large waves. I was on Long Lake in high winds and large waves and it was getting pretty dicey. I imagine it can get much worse on Champlain.



Best source of local info:
Regarding the lower Saranac, you may want to check out the folks in the Adirondack Forum ( They are pretty helpful and very informative. I’d also use the NFCT site and check out the various blogs for good info, especially that of through paddlers. I have not yet been on that stretch of the NFCT, so I can’t help you much there.

With respect to the Lake Champlain stretch, your best bet is to monitor the National Weather Service forcasts and be ready to move when you have a good three or four day stretch of days with low wind speeds and a favorable wind direction. Even that is not foolproof…to some extent, Lake Champlain is big enough to create its own weather. Plan to get up real early and make some mileage before the wind starts to crank up.

It is the local ww paddling site or call wearonearth outdoor store in potsdam,ny