NFCT summer? Moosehead to Chamberlain


I am going to try hard to get myself out for a nice multiday trip on the NFCT in western Maine this summer.

The trip I am looking at would begin at Rockwood, ME on Moosehead Lake. I’d head north up the lake to NE Carry and into the West Branch Penobscot to Chesuncook Village and Lake. Then carry to Umbazooksus Lake and the infamous Mud Pond Carry to Chamberlain Lake. I would take out at one of the big Allagash access points on or near Chamberlain.

I will be paddling my Wildfire and planning to single carry if I can pull it off. I pack like a backpacker.

I know this is a pretty well traveled area and I have very good maps and guides, but if anyone had some advice, possible shuttle sources, or other guidance for me, that would be cool.

Similar paddle planned
We are planning a similar trip in May - minus the Moosehead stretch. Watch for a trip report after ice out.

phase one
Good for you.It,s nice to know others out there who are interested in the NFCT.My son and I are going to do the New York section this July,then if time permits we’ll cross the big pond to vermont and who knows where.It’s an adventure long over due.Enjoy the ride and be safe.

Anything NFCT!
Very nice. I look forward to your reports from darkest Maine and Lake Champlain.

This time of year I seem get very impatient waiting to get out and paddle a bit of the trail. New NFCT maps due soon should help a bit.

NFCT 2006
I am in the early stages of a possible plan to do the the whole 740 miles in a single 2 month trip. Does anyone have any information on possible re-supply points?

This can be expensive.

You might want to be retreived from an outfitter that is near your entry point. for example.

If you use a service in Greenville all they have to do is go get you. However you will have to keep to a schedule. The most serviced take out is Chamberlain Bridge. Its a multi houred drive for anyone to get you.

You might also contact Norm L’Italien at Pelletiers campgrounds in St. Francis. He is at the end of the Allagash and might be able to help… I am wondering why not keep going… its only another six or seven days to Allagash village.

I cant think of any resupply points though you will be crossing the Golden Road and might be able to arrange a drop off where NE Carry crosses it. Pittson Farm is too far up the Penobscot.

NFCT thru
Hi pernicev,

Wow! I’d love to hear how your planning is going. Will you be paddling from Old Forge eastbound to Ft. Kent?

As far as resupply in NH-VT-ME, you will be passing though good sized towns in Swanton VT, Newport VT, Island Pond VT, Groveton NH, Rangeley ME, Jackman ME, and Rockwood ME. Do check, but I would expect each of these to have a P.O. and resonable source for groceries.

on Rockwood. The nearest grocery store that will have veggies is Greenville and thats 20 miles south.

Thanks for your detailed replies. The possibility of this trip is still over a year away and I have yet to aquire what maps are available at this point. I pack ultalight and can carry about 3 weeks worth of food, so I estimate that only 2-3 resupply points are needed to play it safe.


no need to resupply
Its three days up Moosehead, three days to Chesuncook another three to access on Chamberlain. I dont think you will need to resupply at all and in fact dont know how you will use all your available time. Yah you might have wind days but you still have plenty of leftover time. Personally I would shoot down the Allagash. Pelletiers can probably retreive your car if you want to start from either Rockwood or Greenville (the eastern shore of Moosehead just north of Greenville) has some development but there are many campsites near Lily Bay) and keep it in their secure campground at St. Francis. There is a phone in Allagash Village and you can callfor pickup on arrival; they will be there in about twenty minutes. Or you can paddle down to the campsite, but there is a big class 3 in between. At medium to low water not a big deal, and you will be on your last day anyhow and there is a road nearby.


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I'm not sure who you are actually replying to.

My trip is just a few days - from Rockwood to Chamberlain Lake, and I have no need for, nor interest in resupply over that short route.

The fellow paddling the entire length of the NFCT in 2006 is interested in resupply points elsewhere along the trail, appropriately enough, but not in the Moosehead to Chamberlain section, I imagine.

Sorry Al, I didn’t mean to dilute your thread with my questions.


oh. Confused.

All good

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No, that's cool. I appreciate hearing all that pernicev has to say about his NFCT plans, and I appreciate kayamedic's helpful local knowledge. I just wanted to clear up the nature and source of the re-supply question, but I think I was overly blunt. Sorry for that.

I wouldn't want it said that I can't manage at least a day or two of paddling without restocking with hot dogs, ice cream, and beer.