NFCT--who is familiar?

Who had paddled any of this trail…I’ll probably finish section hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2070 and will need another trail to persue, any thoughts/clues on this trail?

Whoa buddy!
By 2070, the only trail may be down your leg

Now that was funny!


great post
My wifes favorite quote about traveling is that the perfect companion is one whose ideas of time and distance are more vague than yours. Do you need company on any of those section hikes?

Done the first 90 miles
From Old Forge NY to Saranac Lake NY. Actually ten times. Now i have to continue downriver to Lake Champlain and onward to Maine.

The first 90 miles is easy, no whitewater, no portages over 1.5 miles, everything well marked.

Can do it in 15 hours or so; right Jack L.

From Saranac Lake to Champlain there is a lot of whitewater and long portage sections around unrunnable stretches of river. I am not familiar with anything east of Champlain.

Will be doing the whole thing over the next 5- 10 years. Will not have the time to do it straight thru, but will do sections at a time, and intend to do them downstream, no matter which direction.

Good maps available to members, membership well worth the cost; people are very helpful and enthusiastic about the trail.