NH, Fall Whitewater For A Newbie

As the lake levels get lowered with dam releases soon, I’m looking for some good beginner runs in New Hampshire for someone fairly inexperienced with whitewater. Just about all my runs so far have been in low water, with one exception, which resulted in a swim in Class II (I have since gotten a bit better at rolling in moving water hahaha).

I’m looking forward to the Upper Winnipesaukee finally having enough water where I’m not scraping bottom at most of the drops (been at 250 cfs all summer). Looking for other places to check out though. Any suggestions? I have been checking American Whitewater, but a lot of the info on there is pretty old. Is there another site with good info on these rivers?

the new whitewater park in Franklin

I’ve been practicing there. I’m looking more for longer river runs. The section above the whitewater park (Lower Winnie) is class III and beyond my current skill level. I plan to run the Upper Winnie (Tilton section) at the higher water, but I’m looking for suggestions for other rivers that run in the class II range during these dam releases.

American Whitewater is the best place to look - the runs don’t change that much.

Upper Winnie is good. Pemi in Bristol is short but runs often. Pemi Woodstock is a great run if you can catch it. Unfortunately, they did the release on the P-cat in Goffstown last week. Conway Rips on the Saco. I’ve never done it, but there are releases on the Soucook and Suncook.

Keep an eye on the NHAMC website - they will do some trips this fall - always better to be with a group.

I read that Glen Lake in Goffstown is getting lowered by some 30 feet so the dam can be inspected, and the lake will be lowered in stages through mid October, 6 inches per day for the first 20 days then a foot per day through October 16. Might be worth keeping an eye on.

They just did the whitewater release last weekend - they usually do the release the last weekend in October, but it got moved up with the repairs. I think they will draw it down slowly, but you can keep an eye on the gage here. Shuttle trip, so you need another car (shouldn’t do it alone anyway).


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