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Hey all…I live in Manchester which to most would mean I would favor Lake Massabesic. However, since I have an SOT, I am not allowed to use it there since its a reservoir. Anyone else from the area and have some good recommendations for where to go? It can be for fishing or just chilling on the water.

We used to hold training sessions on Glen Lake in Goffstown. It’s small, but there aren’t any restrictions there.

The only issue I have seen with Glen Lake is the parking situation. Everywhere I look, it’s Resident Parking Only.

There is a public boat launch for Glen Lake at 270-324 Elm St. Can’t tell how many parking spaces though.

I googled “glen lake NH state boat launches”, got what looks like a bunch within reasonable driving distance.

Also this for rivers. Public Access Site Maps | New Hampshire Local River Management Advisory Committees

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I guess I will have to look a little closer. I actually drove by the launch a few days ago and only saw the resident signs. I’ll have to look again. Thanks!

So I went and checked the launch and there is in fact parking for non-residents but only if they are towing a trailer. I transport my kayak in the back of my truck. But at least I know in case I ever do decide to get a trailer.

Is it marked for trailers only or are you judging from the length of the parking space? Most of the launches around here have long spaces like for trailers, but we use them for paddle boats. We just park two to a space if a big bunch of us meets to go out.

Mine Falls in Nashua -EZ Dock, lots of fish, birds, nice scenery, no current. My paddling buddy took this photo yesterday afternoon.

Buy the the NH/VT version of the Quiet Waters series. You’ll not regret it.

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One of the links to the NH State site is dead. This is the correct one:


Glen Lake is a busy spot. I’d find elsewhere to launch and paddle especially if it’s residents only parking. Head into the village and launch from the spot by the hardware store and head north along the south branch of the Piscataquog River. It’s prettier.

I have actually already been there and you’re right, great little place to just chill for a short while.

By the hardware store? I never even knew a spot like that exists. I will check it out!

I just looked at it on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!

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It’s where they launch the pumpkins for the Pumpkin Regatta! I’m not 100% sure it’s public access though.
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There’s also public access at Goffstown Lions Club Field although I’ve never seen it so I can’t attest to what it’s like there.