NH whitewater Kayaking, looking for someone to kayak with

Looking to get back into whitewater kayaking again after 5 years being off. Looking for someone to team up with. I am based in NH.

Are you on Facebook - good a place as any to start. NHAMC is a good group and has been pretty active this year - they have trips on the schedule this weekend and next weekend.


The Boston and CT chapters are pretty active as well. Check the AMC activity page.

Other groups in the area:

Merrimack Valley Paddlers (NH)

Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (ME)

Where’s the Whitewater at? (CT/MA)

There are probably others as well. These are common adventure groups, so folks are more likely to paddle with you on more challenging trips once they have seen you on the easier stuff and know your capabilities.

Maybe I will see you sometime. I am an open boater (class II/easy III). I’d love to do the Little Suncook release next weekend, but I have family stuff to do.

Good luck.

Saw your post on Facebook - good luck hooking up with the local crew. Nice people, great paddlers - you’ll have fun. You are paddling a little above my usual comfort zone, but hopefully we will meet sometime.

Thank you Erik, i appreciate your help.